Agenda and minutes

South West Area Committee - Thursday 5th November 2015 6.30 pm

Venue: St Francis Church, 192 Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QQ

Contact: Trisha Sutton  01473 432512

No. Item


Apologies for absence


41.1    Apologies were received from Councillors D Ellesmere, B Rudkin, J Powell, N Cenci and G Chisholm.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be as printed on the agenda.


Declarations of Interest


43.1    Councillor H Clarke declared an interest in Item 6 – Citizens Advice Bureau as he was a member of the Citizens Advice Bureau Board.


Unconfirmed Minutes from the Meeting held on 10 September 2015 pdf icon PDF 113 KB




that the minutes of the meeting held on 10 September 2015 be signed as a true record.


SWAC/15/10 Police Priorities and Statistics pdf icon PDF 53 KB

Additional documents:


45.1    The Police Priorities for the South West were:


1.    To deal with a rise in anti-social behaviour in the area of Barnard Square. – Offenders had been identified.


2.    To deal with anti-social behaviour and drug use within Alderman Park. – Awaiting CCTV footage to identify offenders, patrols had increased in this area.


45.2    No statistics were available from the Police as a new computer reporting system had recently been installed but it was confirmed that the investigation of drug activity at Gippeswyk Park, known to be linked to two social housing locations, had resulted in a good outcome. 


45.3    Councillor Hall asked whether a recent public meeting held at Ellenbrook Green shops could become a monthly event but the Officer reported that it was not always possible for the Police to attend meetings. 


45.4    A resident asked whether reductions in Police numbers would affect how drug activity was dealt with but the Officer said that the resolution of these crimes would continue to have good results as this was a force wide priority. 


45.5    The Officer confirmed that the decision about where to site the South West SNT had been put back until December 2015.     




that the Policing Priorities and the statistics, as detailed in Appendix 1 to report Ref No: SWAC/15/10, be noted.


Reason:  To provide clear and transparent details of the crime statistics in the South West area of Ipswich.


Citizens Advice Bureau presentation


46.1    Helen Bloomfield, Advice Manager from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) gave a presentation to the Committee.  She explained that the main office was at 19 Tower Street with outreach centres at UCS and at the Hawthorn Road Surgery from 9.30am – 12.30pm on Thursdays.  The CAB was an independent registered charity funded by various organisations such as Suffolk County Council, Ipswich Borough Council and Babergh District Council.  Funding was also received from the Government via the Money Advice Service funded Debt Advice project (MASDAP) and fundraising by a friends association.  Volunteers were able to provide free independent advice about a range of issues and although appointments could be made a drop in service was also available every day of the week.  When the office was closed then direction would be given on how to contact the Citizens Advice National Centre.


46.2    Between April and September 2015, 9,183 different issues were dealt with of which 32% were about debt, many of which were closely linked to unemployment and benefit issues.  73% of people attending had never been to the Citizens Advice before and by raising the profile of the centres it was hoped to promote a more accessible service.  In a National Survey undertaken 18 months ago, 66% of clients reported that, after contact with Citizens Advice their problem had been partly or completely resolved.


46.3    A resident asked if advice could be given to those with language issues and the Advice Manager confirmed that the office had dealt with 44 of the 72 known languages spoken in Ipswich with the help of multi-language speaking volunteers or with the use of Language Line.


46.4    She confirmed that in respect of residents who had been sanctioned by Government, advisors could advise whether the sanction had been appropriate, make referrals to foodbanks or for fuel vouchers and worked closely with other local charities.   The Advice Manager assured the Committee that client’s needs were put first and they were often signposted to other organisations such as ISCRE, the Chapman Centre, IHAG, retail outlets on Norwich Road and the Disabled Advice Bureau. 


46.5    The Chair thanked Helen Bloomfield for her presentation. 




Red Rose Chain Update


47.1    Karolina Mackiewicz, the co-ordinator from the Red Rose Chain explained that the Avenue Theatre in Gippeswyk Avenue had opened in January 2015.  The £10,5000 funding awarded by the South West Area Committee had allowed the theatre to purchase seats, revamp the foyer which now included a box office type table, refurbish the dining room, bar and kitchen and purchase garden plants and furniture.  Without the funding the theatre would not have been able to stage the 6 shows produced since January as well as the drama workshops, school shows and the work undertaken with theatre groups, young offenders and the youth theatre.  A Community Library was under construction and the expansion of a new workshop was planned in the next two years. 


47.2    Karolina thanked the South West Area Committee for funding awarded which has allowed for the theatre to function and the Chair thanked Karolina Mackiewicz for her presentation.



Chairman's Update and Actions from the Previous Meeting


48.1    Councillor Fern updated with the response received to the letter which had been sent by the South West Area Committee to the Police & Crime Commissioner about the location of the South West Safer Neighbourhood Team.  This was the response received:


            The Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) is currently based at Landmark House and is providing the same level of service to the communities in the South West of Ipswich as it did from its previous base in the grounds of Suffolk New Academy.  The SNT base in Birkfield Drive was situated in the grounds of the Academy and redevelopment plans at the school did not allow for the base to remain at the site.  We are still looking at alternative options and once decided, we will report back with fuller detail. 


48.2    Councillor Fern said that he was still concerned about the lack of community engagement due to the move to Landmark House and Councillor Gardiner, as a member of the Police & Crime Panel reported that at a recent meeting he had been informed that no decision on location would be made before the Government’s Autumn Statement was released. 


48.3    The Chair said that details about a further public consultation on the Ipswich Local Plan were available on the signing-in table.


48.4    A resident asked whether there was an update about the purchase of land near Suffolk One and Councillor Gardiner agreed to take this request to Councillor Ellesmere.


Ward Councillor's Feedback from their Communities


49.1    Sprites ward - Councillor Fern reported that the CCTV camera at Ellenbrook Green was now being monitored at the Grafton House CCTV room.  The traffic order to place yellow lines around Suffolk One was temporary for 18 months.  The installation of solar panels, which were going to be installed on some Council properties, had been curtailed due to the feed in tariff reductions which had made the project no longer viable.  Halifax Primary School had been awarded a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating and both Sprites Primary School and Chantry Academy were now sponsored by the REAch2 academy trust.


49.2    Gipping ward – Councillor Macartney encouraged residents to join the ‘Friends of Chantry Park’ and a Christmas Fair would be held from 10.00am to 2.00pm at Chantry Library on Saturday 5 December 2015.


49.3    Stoke Park ward – Councillor Hyde-Chambers confirmed that reports of anti-social behaviour at Asda car park had decreased and that the Parks Department continued to deal with overgrown foliage on pathways and in gardens.


49.4    Bridge ward – Councillor Smart confirmed that Ipswich Borough Council had secured permission from Suffolk County Council to employ additional Parking Enforcement Officers to manage the parking issues occurring at schools in the Ipswich area. A petition had been received about there being safer pathways between Bourne Park and Wherstead Road.  A fly-tipping campaign had recently been launched in Downside Close and another was soon to be launched in the Old Stoke area of Bridge ward.



Suffolk County Councillor Update


50.1    Councillor H Armitage (SCC) had produced a ’winter road handout’ and these were available for residents information.  Links to the SCC website about gritting routes were detailed.  Any existing grit bins should now have been refilled and there was also a link to an on-line gritting request form.


50.2    Councillor P Gardiner (SCC) updated that a safety audit on the proposed Hawthorn Drive crossing had been carried out and a further survey would be undertaken to determine the best location.  Residents in close proximity to the proposed location would then be notified.   In response to a resident he confirmed that the crossing had been approved, funded by Suffolk County Council, and the survey would establish the best location in response to need.  A proposal was to be put to SCC Cabinet next week to review the fire service provision following which, if agreed, there would be a public consultation until February 2016.  Residents were encouraged to respond to the consultation when it became available.   


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues


51.1    A question had been received from a resident prior to the meeting:


            ‘Would Councillors present ask Ipswich Borough Council to move the Seafarers Memorial on the Waterfront to a legal location?


            It was suggested that the Suffolk County Council’s Rights of Way Department could also have input in the response. The following response was provided by the Council’s Planning & Development Operations Manager:


            ‘The memorial has been erected in the position approved under planning permission IP/13/00406/FUL and in accordance with the plans submitted within the application.  The application documents used the term ‘Orwell Quay’ although I note that this location is known as ‘Ransomes Quay’ on Ipswich Maritime Trust plans.  However, given the clarity as to the proposed location, the incorrect naming by the applicant was not material to the outcome.


            The right of way issues are not a matter for Ipswich Borough Council; however, it should be noted that the Suffolk County Council Rights of Way Officer was consulted and raised no objection to the application at the time.


            Any future movement of the memorial would require planning permission’


            Suffolk County Council Officers were also consulted for a response and have reported that the matters referred to have been examined previously and that you have been made aware of their decision.


51.2    The resident who had submitted the question said that the reason that he wanted the memorial moved was because people had to walk around it and this made the pedestrian area congested so it was an unlawful location.  Councillor Gardiner responded, in his capacity as the Chair of the Planning Committee and confirmed that the Committee had considered all issues and that the memorial was currently sited in one of the widest parts of the walkway on the dock and therefore pedestrians had no difficulty walking round it. 


51.3    In response to a question by a resident about the 475 new homes projected by Taylor Wimpey near the Holiday Inn, Councillor Gardiner confirmed that IBC had made a representation to the proposal requesting that a wider local master plan be put in place.  It was not known when the planning permission request would be submitted to Babergh District Council.


51.4    A resident confirmed that a group for young people had been set up at the Library and it was confirmed that funding for this had been received from Suffolk County Council and Sanctuary Housing.


51.5    It was confirmed that a proposal for a petrol filling station at Asda had been withdrawn.  It was also confirmed that the Police & Crime Commissioner had agreed to attend the South West Area Committee on 10 March 2016.


51.6    A resident reported that there had been several vehicle break-ins in Wherstead Road which were thought to be opportunist burglaries and CCTV and security lights had been installed by the resident.  Councillor Smart agreed to speak to the Police about this matter.


51.7    The resident who had submitted the question earlier in the meeting about the Seafarers Memorial requested that Councillors support his  ...  view the full minutes text for item 51.


SWAC/15/11 Funding request - Minor Improvements at Hawthorn Drive pdf icon PDF 53 KB

Additional documents:


52.1    The Community Engagement Officer presented this funding request which provided details of some minor improvements to the precinct in Hawthorn Drive.  He gave details of the three options for the replacement of the mural and he confirmed that the ongoing maintenance would remain with the Council.


52.2    Councillor Hall suggested that a dropped kerb be installed outside the Co-Op and the Community Engagement Officer agreed to investigate the matter.  In respect of the uneven pavement at this location it was confirmed that some areas of paving had been levelled 2 months ago and plastic gravel (which could expand as the roots grew) had been installed around the base of the trees.


52.3    Councillor Hall also asked whether school children could help with the installation of the mural and the Community Engagement Officer confirmed that the most expensive quote had included workshops for children in their bid however a less expensive quote was the preferred option. 




            that £2,667.30 be allocated from the South West Area Committee budget for the improvements to the Hawthorn Drive shopping precinct area as listed in report Ref No: SWAC/15/11, be agreed.


            Reason: To improve the look of the local area and support the local economy.


Area Action Plan Update (Verbal)


53.1    The Community Engagement Officer listed the following funding requests which would be coming forward to the next South West Area Committee in line with the area action plan priorities:


            Health and Wellbeing


Young People’s Health Initiative


·         Jumpers for goalposts – free holiday activities for under 16’s.

·         A programme of activities at Chantry Library.


Help People to Age Well


·         A new project at Gippeswyk Park would include plans to improve the tennis courts, young people’s play equipment, an outdoor gym and a walking trail.  Volunteers are needed to form a ‘Friends of Gippeswyk Park’ in order to apply for lottery funding.

·         Alderman Road Park – the Crime Reduction Officer had requested a project to increase activity at the park in order to provide natural surveillance and so decrease crime.

·         Increased seating at Bourne Park around the play area.  Quotes for seating had been sought and locations were being identified.


Traffic Management and Parking


·         Traffic management by looking at sites in Maidenhall and improving parking provision by the removal of some garages.

·         Suffolk One parking initiative was underway and public feedback was sought.

·         Restricting parking near Hillside School.


Keeping a Tidy Community


·         An initiative to keep litter bins off pavements.

·         Better access to alleyways.

·         Walkabout such as that at Downing Close involving Councillors, residents, Police and SCC and IBC Officers.


Rented Accommodation – Help prevent people falling in to debt.


·         Increased signposting between Eastern Savings & Loans, Ipswich Citizens Advice Bureau, landlords and other advisory agencies.


53.2    The Chair asked residents to speak to the Community Engagement Officer if they knew of any projects which required funding.


SWAC/15/12 Area Committee Budget Update and Dashboard pdf icon PDF 58 KB

Additional documents:


54.1    The Head of Service updated the Committee on the current budget provision available and explained that not all of the funding allocated had been drawn down so a review would being undertaken of all projects as to whether any unspent funding could be put back in the budget.  It was highlighted that within the South West area Dashboard, attached at Appendix 3 to report Ref No SWAC/15/12, £146,368 had been allocated since January 2013 which had brought in £68,143 of other funding for projects. 




            that the South West Area financial statement and Dashboard, attached at Appendices 2 and 3 to report Ref No: SWAC/15/12, be noted. 


Dates of Future Meetings 2016/17, all to be held at 6.30pm

·         Thursday 21 January 2016 – Gipping Room, Grafton House, Ipswich IP1 2DE


·         Thursday 10 March 2016 – Chantry Methodist Church, Kingfisher Avenue, Ipswich IP2 0QN


(Venues to be arranged)

·         Thursday 9 June 2016

·         Thursday 28 July 2016

·         Thursday 20 September 2016

·         Thursday 17 November 2016

·         Thursday 19 January 2017

·         Thursday 23 March 2017



·         Thursday 21 January 2016 – Gipping Room, Grafton House, Ipswich IP1 2DE

·         Thursday 10 March 2016 – Chantry Methodist Church, Kingfisher Avenue, Ipswich IP2 0QN

(Venues to be arranged)

·         Thursday 9 June 2016

·         Thursday 28 July 2016

·         Thursday 20 September 2016

·         Thursday 17 November 2016

·         Thursday 19 January 2017

·         Thursday 23 March 2017