Agenda and draft minutes

North East Area Committee - Thursday 30th July 2020 7.00 pm

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Contact: Linda Slowgrove  01473 432511

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Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies for absence.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 221 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 18 June 2020.





that the Minutes of the meeting held on 18 June 2020 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be confirmed as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Residents Question and Answer Session

Residents are encouraged to ask questions for Area Committee meetings. Questions will be read out by the Chair of the Committee and answered by an appropriate officer or Councillor and residents will be able to watch on the live stream available via the Council’s website.


To ask a question residents simply need to email including their name and address, a contact telephone number, their question, and which Area Committee they wish the question to be asked at. All questions must be received by 10am two working days before the day of the meeting, for this meeting the deadline is 10am on Tuesday 28 July 2020. 


All questions must either be:

-          relevant to the area committee they are to be asked at, or;

-          relevant to Ipswich as a whole and be asked by a resident of the area covered by the committee it is to be asked at.


Please note that questions or representations must not contain:

-          references to identifiable individuals (whether by name or other information) unless the consent of that individual has been obtained and included with the notification;

-          potentially defamatory or provocative or abusive comments;

-          discriminatory remarks.


If for any reason a question is not able to be asked at a meeting of the committee, the Council will within 14 days of the meeting date reply to the resident asking the question explaining why and if possible providing a written answer.



12.1.     Councillor Darwin confirmed that no questions had been received in advance of the meeting and highlighted that if a question was received by 10am on the Tuesday 2 days before a future North East Area Committee meeting, then a response would be provided by an appropriate Officer.


Updates from Ipswich Borough Council and Other Public Sector Organisations


13.1.     The Chair invited Inspector Soraya Francis of the Ipswich East Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) to provide an update on policing priorities.

13.2.     Inspector Francis reported the summer policing plan was now in action providing additional resource to target anti-social behaviour in hotspot areas, such as Gibson Lodge and the Nacton area. A week of action took place from 6 July with high-visibility patrols; 18 licensed premises were visited, resulting in 2 being temporarily closed.

13.3.     There had been issues with motorbikes in the Brightwell Lakes area near BT, primarily at the weekends, with many coming from outside of Suffolk; following work by the Link Officer with the landowner, most of these riders were no longer turning up and there were now just a few issues with local people using quad bikes.

13.4.     During June there had been 78 reports of minor assault at Woodland Hospital by patients to staff and other patients, which were logged with the Police; investigation of these cases was taking up a lot of resource in light of the vulnerability of the patients.  The Police had also been dealing with a number of incidents involving domestic violence and vulnerable children.

13.5.     Police Officers had been working with the manager of the Martlesham Heath Tesco to tackle anti-social behaviour that was causing difficulties for staff who were on site at times when the store was not open.  Issues with a cuckoo address on Woodbridge Road had been addressed with the tenants being moved on.

13.6.     Councillor Phillips commented that there had been anti-social behaviour issues in the past on Rushmere Heath and asked whether there had been any issues recently.  Inspector Francis reported that this location was included in the summer policing plan.

13.7.     Inspector Francis reported that the Speed Indicator Device funded by the Area Committee had been located; this device would require a dedicated PCSO to set up/take down as it could not be left out overnight.

13.8.     The Chair invited County Councillor Paul West as the SCC Cabinet Member for Ipswich to provide an update on behalf of Suffolk County Council.

13.9.     County Councillor West reported that he had circulated an email to the Committee providing an update on Care Homes in the North East Ipswich, with data from the Care Quality Commission regarding COVID-19 related deaths.  The number of suspected/confirmed COVID-19 cases in Suffolk Care Homes had fallen week-on-week since the start of May and as at 23 July, 11 out of 186 Care Homes had at least one case, with a total of 21 cases across these 11 Care Homes.

13.10.  All Care Homes were now testing residents at least every 28 days and staff every 7 days, or sooner if symptoms were displayed.  The Government had provided £9million to Suffolk to assist with infection control.  Part of the funding had been used to train staff in Care Homes on Infection Control and Prevention and this training was being rolled out to other agencies.  Tablet devices had been provided to Care  ...  view the full minutes text for item 13.


NEAC/20/02 Spending Proposal: Ipswich Borough Council Jumpers for Goalposts Programme pdf icon PDF 144 KB

Additional documents:


14.1.     Mr Wilesmith, Operations Manager for Sport and Leisure, introduced the report that requested funding of £852.75 for the revised Jumpers for Goalposts Programme for 2020/21.  This Programme had a proven track record at engaging young people in positive activities.

14.2.     As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, a reduced programme would be run in the summer, with 3 sessions taking place in North East Ipswich, which would be park activities delivered by Catch 22 Positive Futures. To ensure that Government guidelines were observed, there would be reduced occupancy levels per session and activities would be booked online, with a reserve number of spaces available for those who just turn up on the day.

14.3.     Councillor Phillips asked how many people were allowed per session and what the take up of bookings had been so far.
Mr Wilesmith reported that 25 people were allowed per session and bookings had been received; the first session had already taken place at Whitton this week, and many had turned up without pre-booking as this was a change in how the sessions were accessed in previous years.

14.4.     Councillor Phillips asked what would happen if too many people turned up to one session.
Mr Wilesmith commented that this would depend on how many extra people attended; if only a few extra, then they could be accommodated in activities on a rotational basis; otherwise, they would be signposted to book for later sessions so that they would be able to participate in some form of activity, even if on a different day.



that the North East Area Committee approve funding of £852.75 from the North East Area Committee budget to deliver the programme of activities in North East Ipswich during the summer holiday and Autumn half-term in 2020 and Spring half-term in 2021.


Reason: The Jumpers for Goalposts Programme has increased participation numbers over the last 5 years and this programme will allow young people across the town to participate in physical activity over the summer and half-term holidays.


NEAC/20/03 Funding for COVID-19 Related Projects pdf icon PDF 441 KB

Additional documents:


15.1.     Mrs Jarlett reported that at the last meeting, the Committee agreed that the September meeting of the Area Committee would be used to consider COVID-19 specific funding requests aimed at alleviating the impact of the pandemic on communities in North East Ipswich.  This report set out the application forms and guidelines in support of this process.

15.2.     Councillor Pope commented that it was important to loosen the levels of bureaucracy for these one-off applications, but asked whether this would be setting a precedent when it came to considering other applications in the future.
Mrs Jarlett reported that this process did not replace the existing funding scheme, but was purely to be applied to the COVID-19 related applications.  If funding was available, then other applications could be considered at the September or later meetings but under the existing scheme.  The process had been simplified for the COVID-19 applications, but still retained certain levels of due diligence, such as safeguarding policies and the requirement for 2 signatories.

15.3.     Councillor Phillips commented that the sample application form showed a closing date on 3 August for applications and asked whether this was the correct date, and if so, would applicants have enough time to submit requests.
Mrs Jarlett confirmed that 3 August 2020 was the closing date, but highlighted that the North East Area Committee was the last in the current round of meetings and that the publicity for the application process for all areas had been on the website for some time and applications had already been received.




that the application form annexed as Appendix 1 to the report and the proposed process for the Committee to deal with funding requests related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic at the meeting on 24 September 2020 be approved.


Reason: To utilise the Committee’s budget to award grants to support projects targeted at dealing with the impacts arising from the pandemic in the community.


NEAC/20/04 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 95 KB

Additional documents:


16.1.     Mrs Jarlett reported that following the end of year budgetary movements and setting up of the Making a Difference budget and Venue Hire/Publicity budget for this year, the North East Area Committee started the meeting with an unallocated budget of £26,006.35.



that the Committee note the financial statement in Appendix 1 of the report.


Reason: To provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the North East Area Committee to support priorities in North East Ipswich