Agenda and minutes

North East Area Committee - Thursday 18th June 2020 7.30 pm

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Contact: Linda Slowgrove  01473 432511

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Carnall.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 239 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 23 January 2020.





that the Minutes of the meeting held on 23 January 2020 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be confirmed as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Residents Question and Answer Session

Residents are encouraged to ask questions for Area Committee meetings. Questions will be read out by the Chair of the Committee and answered by an appropriate officer or Councillor and residents will be able to watch on the live stream available via the Council’s website.


To ask a question residents simply need to email including their name and address, a contact telephone number, their question, and which Area Committee they wish the question to be asked at. All questions must be received by 10am two working days before the day of the meeting, for this meeting the deadline is 10am on Tuesday 16 June. 


All questions must either be:

-          relevant to the area committee they are to be asked at, or;

-          relevant to Ipswich as a whole and be asked by a resident of the area covered by the committee it is to be asked at.


Please note that questions or representations must not contain:

-          references to identifiable individuals (whether by name or other information) unless the consent of that individual has been obtained and included with the notification;

-          potentially defamatory or provocative or abusive comments;

-          discriminatory remarks.


If for any reason a question is not able to be asked at a meeting of the committee, the Council will within 14 days of the meeting date reply to the resident asking the question explaining why and if possible providing a written answer.



5.1.        Councillor Darwin confirmed that no questions had been received in advance of the meeting and highlighted that if a question was received by 10am on the Tuesday 2 days before a North East Area Committee meeting, then a response would be provided by an appropriate Officer.


Updates from Ipswich Borough Council and Other Public Sector Organisations


6.1.        The Chair invited Inspector Soraya Francis of the Ipswich East Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) to provide an update on policing priorities.

6.2.        Inspector Francis reported that the Police had been busy despite the COVID-19 restrictions, and in terms of addressing social distancing had adopted the approach of Engage, Explain, Encourage and only as a last resort, Enforce.  In recent weeks there had been an increase in domestic issues around vulnerability, mental health and safeguarding.

6.3.        Speeding remained an issue on Tuddenham Road and the Safety Camera Team had undertaken some enforcement work on 4 May 2020; further requests had been received in relation to Bixley Road and Colchester Road, but as these roads were classified as fast roads due to the 40mph limit, it was not safe for Officers to stop speeding traffic and so these requests would be passed onto the Roads and Policing Team and Safety Camera Team.

6.4.        There had been an increase in littering and groups of people gathering on the Purdis Heath Golf Course during lockdown, so additional patrols were undertaken in this area, which had addressed these issues. 

6.5.        There had also been an increase in drug offences during the lockdown period and by acting on the community intelligence received, a considerable number of ‘cuckoo’ addresses had been uncovered; the drug dealers were taken out of these premises and support was given to vulnerable people to prevent them from getting back into the same situation.

6.6.        Councillor Gage commented that when there was less traffic on the roads some people had been driving faster and requested that Woodbridge Road, Cauldwell Hall Road and Rushmere Road (all 30mph limit) be added to the list for some speed enforcement activity.

6.7.        Inspector Francis commented that during the past few months, Officers had been often working at different locations or on different teams, and requested that any issues be reported through the Suffolk Constabulary website or by calling 101, rather than by directly emailing Officers, otherwise issues might get overlooked; another advantage of reporting issues via these routes was that the issues could be risk assessed, prioritised and allocated resource accordingly.

6.8.        Councillor Pope asked whether the lack of traffic had resulted in more people speeding or whether there were more people at home to notice people speeding.  Councillor Pope reported that there had also been an increase in speeding on Foxhall Road both sides of the roundabout.

6.9.        Inspector Francis commented that when she had been travelling to and from work during the lockdown more people were speeding, and added that she would request that more speed enforcement work be done, especially as more children were currently out and about during the day.

6.10.     County Councillor West asked what had happened to the Speed Indicator Device (SID) that the Area Committee had paid for, which had not been in use for some time. Councillor Darwin commented that the previous Inspector had advised that the SID could no longer be used by the Police.  Inspector Francis  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


NEAC/20/01 Area Committee Grants and Financial Update pdf icon PDF 252 KB

Additional documents:


7.1.        Mr Fulcher, Head of Development, reported that the total budget at the start of the meeting was £28,006.35, which was £600 lower than stated in the report as £600 of the 2019/20 Making a Difference budget had been allocated, with the agreement of ward Councillors in Rushmere, to part fund a defibrillator unit to go outside Sidegate Primary School.   

7.2.        Mr Fulcher added that the Committee was requested to allow Officers to vary the funding guidelines to allow Area Committee funds to be made available to help deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, but all spending would continue to be approved by the Area Committee.

7.3.        Councillor Pope asked about the funding allocated last year for projects, such as the Football and Well-Being Programme and Let’s Talk Reading, that had not been able to go ahead due to COVID-19 restrictions, and whether this funding would be rolled over or clawed back.

7.4.        Mr Fulcher reported that these projects were being revisited by the Community Team and could be brought back to a future meeting should the project need to change.
Councillor Darwin added that some of the projects could be paused for now and then restarted at a later date.

7.5.        Councillor Phillips asked whether the other Area Committees had also been requested to grant delegated authority in relation to varying the Area Committee funding guidelines and setting up budgets for Making a Difference and venue hire.
Mr Fulcher confirmed that the same request had been taken to all of the Area Committees.  



i)              that the financial statement in Appendix 1 of the report and its subsequent update be noted;

ii)             that authority be delegated to the Head of Housing and Community Services, in consultation with the Head of Governance, to take all necessary steps to:

-       advertise the availability of Area Committee Grants to support communities in recovering from the Coronavirus outbreak;

-       enable the consideration of applications in relation to this scheme at the September meeting of this Area Committee;

iii)           to allocate £500 per ward, a total of £1,500, from the North East Area Committee budget to establish a Making a Difference (MAD) budget for 2020/21;

iv)           to allocate £300 from the North East Area Committee budget for costs associated with advertising and potential future venue hire for 2020/21.



i)               To provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee;

ii)             To enable Area Committee funding to be used to support communities in recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic;

iii)            To allow the Area Committee to devolve up to 10% of its annual budget to support small scale community initiatives;

iv)            To facilitate the good running of the Area Committee.</AI7>