Agenda and minutes

North East Area Committee
Thursday 25th July 2019 7.30 pm

Venue: Ransomes Sports Pavilion, Sidegate Avenue, Ipswich IP4 4JJ

Contact: Linda Slowgrove  01473 432511

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Carnall, Councillor Ross and County Councillor Adams.


Unconfirmed Minutes of the Meeting held on 13 June 2019 pdf icon PDF 96 KB




that the Minutes of the meeting held on 13 June 2019 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be confirmed as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor Gage, being a Trustee of Lighthouse Women’s Aid and working with Suffolk Libraries, declared a local non-pecuniary interest in Agenda Item 11 (report NEAC/19/05).


Police Priorities in North East Ipswich


As the Police were not able to attend, this item was deferred.


Chair's Update on Action Points from the Previous Meetings


20.1.    Councillor Darwin reported that the responses to the questions raised by the resident at the previous meeting had been sent to the resident and also circulated to Committee members.

20.2.    Councillor Darwin reported that venue hire charges for Ransomes Sports Pavilion had been set at a discounted rate of £40 per Area Committee meeting.

20.3.    Councillor Darwin commented that in addition to summer events, such as Suffolk Pride, summer holiday activities for young people and the Council’s free iCard offer were now available and had been promoted at the summer fayre.  Councillor Darwin added that she had responding to issues relating to overhanging trees, badly cut trees, speeding on Camden Road, potholes, and inconsiderate parking on Spring Road.


Ward Councillors Feedback from their Communities


Rushmere ward:


21.1.    Councillor Cracknell reported that he had attended the Sidegate Primary School summer fayre with Councillor Gage and the Northgate High School Community Day with Councillor Ross.  Councillor Cracknell added that he had also been dealing with issues relating to potholes and weeds.

21.2.    Councillor Gage reported that she had been dealing with the poor state of Westbury Road, with multiple potholes and a series of cracks in the road, and had requested that Suffolk Highways consider resurfacing this road.  Councillor Gage had also been following up a request for a drop kerb on Humber Doucy Lane for visitor parking and had asked to meet Suffolk Highways on site to progress this matter. 

21.3.    Councillor Gage commented that she had been dealing with 2 families at risk of homelessness with the help of the Council’s Housing Services.  Councillor Gage added that she had been promoting the free iCard offer at primary schools in Rushmere. 

Bixley ward:


21.4.    Councillor Pope reported that he had been dealing with issues relating to parking on verges too close to trees, thereby damaging tree roots, and had referred the matter to County Councillor West.  Councillor Pope had also been dealing with concerns about planning applications for ‘garden grabbing’ developments.

21.5.    Councillor Phillips reported that Councillor Carnall had also been dealing with planning issues, and parking issues on Chilton Road by the temporary fencing erected for the St Clements Hospital development.


Suffolk County Councillors Feedback from their Divisions


Bixley Division:


22.1.    County Councillor West reported that the potholes on Winston Avenue had now been filled, funded from his highways budget.

Rushmere Division:


22.2.    County Councillor Gage reported that she had been dealing with the issue of a half-dead street tree on Inverness Road that required cutting back as there was a risk of it falling onto a house or nearby vehicles.

22.3.    County Councillor Gage expressed concern about the SCC consultation on Children Centres, with the Chatterbox Children’s Centre at risk of closure.
[** Note: This minute was subsequently amended at the meeting held on 19 September 2019.]

22.4.    County Councillor Gage reported that she had funded a Green Power kit car for Rushmere Hall Primary School from her locality budget and this was due to arrive in September for the schoolchildren to work on.


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues


23.1.    Councillor Darwin confirmed that no questions had been received prior to the meeting and highlighted that if a question was received by 10am on the Tuesday 2 days before a North East Area Committee meeting, then a response would be provided by an appropriate Officer.


NEAC/19/04 Funding Request: Black History Month Celebration Event pdf icon PDF 298 KB


24.1.    Mr Lanning, Community Engagement Officer, reported that £169.70 was requested by the Ipswich African & Caribbean Cultural Development Association (IACCDA) towards the funding of a Black History Month celebration event.

24.2.    Mr Cedric McSheen, Chairman of IACCDA, reported that the 2017 event had been held at the Meeting Place in Whitehouse with 150 attendees, whereas when the event was moved to the town centre last year, 500 people had attended, as people preferred to go to a more central location.

24.3.    The celebration event would be held at the Manor Ballroom this year on 19 October 2019, offering a variety of stalls, activities, food and workshops showcasing local talent, such as salsa and steel band, whilst providing the cultural history of the activities.

24.4.    Councillor Darwin commented on the inter-generation mix of people attending this event in previous years, with young people and older people involved.  Mr McSheen highlighted that anyone was welcome to attend the event.

24.5.    Local resident: Would there be any cost to enter the Manor Ballroom?
The event would be free to the public as IACCDA didn’t want money to be a barrier for anyone wishing to attend the event.

24.6.    Councillor Phillips asked whether the estimate of 500 attendees this year was an underestimate, and if so, would the event be able to accommodate everyone.
Space would be made available for everyone as the IACCDA wanted as many people as possible to attend. Councillor Darwin added that this was a drop-in event running for a 12-hour period.

24.7.    Local resident: Would the food be free?
No, people would be required to pay for the food at the event.  



that the North East Area Committee approve funding of £169.70 from the North East Area Committee budget to the Ipswich African & Caribbean Cultural Development Association as a contribution towards the Black History Month celebration event.


Reason: The Ipswich African & Caribbean Cultural Development Association’s celebration event, as part of Black History Month, would promote the values of inclusivity and provide cultural nourishment to the African & Caribbean community within Ipswich.


NEAC/19/05 Funding Request: Let's Talk Reading Literacy Programme pdf icon PDF 609 KB

Additional documents:


25.1.    Mr Lanning reported that £5,400 was requested by Let’s Talk Reading to deliver their Literacy Programme in North East Ipswich.

25.2.    Ms Clair Pyper, Let’s Talk Reading, gave a presentation with the following key points:

·           1 in 6 adults in England were not able to read well enough to succeed in modern life, which equated to approximately 3,300 in North East Ipswich

·           Parents being unable to read were therefore not able to read to their children, plus there was a lack of ante-natal and post-natal courses leading to an inadequate focus on reading and communication at home and in some nurseries

·           Initiatives have been set up with Suffolk Babies to deliver ante-natal and post-natal classes and work with staff in nurseries to encourage reading and communication

·           Let’s Talk Reading had links established with nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools in disadvantaged areas

·           Story Time visits for children and parents have been set up in nurseries

·           Book bags would be provided to disadvantaged households, as 1 in 8 did not have a book of their own to read

·           Teach a Friend to Read manuals would be available to adults via various organisations, as well as signposting to the Read Easy Ipswich initiative, which provided confidential one-to-one coaching

·           The medical screening of schoolchildren with reading difficulties, e.g. poor eye sight, dyslexia etc, was not part of this funding bid

25.3.    Councillor Pope asked how the success of this programme would be measured as there was no data available.
It was difficult to provide a measure of success in the early years scenario, but evaluation would include the take up of book bags and feedback from parents; a survey had recently been undertaken relating to pre-school evaluation to see if there was any difference in the number of parents reading to their children. Councillor Darwin added there was an increase in confidence in early years staff, who were often young and poorly paid, and this was important in light of the number of pre-school families in North East Ipswich.

25.4.    Councillor Pope asked where the Teach a Friend to Read manuals could be accessed.
These manuals were available at community groups, early years settings and libraries, and acted as a pre-cursor to more detailed learning via the Read Easy Ipswich scheme.  The manuals were also available at the Prison Service.

25.5.    Councillor Gage asked whether Let’s Talk Reading would be able to link with the pop-up library held at Ransomes Sports Pavilion.
This would be possible if funding was approved.

25.6.    Councillor Phillips asked whether the book bags were different to school book bags and whether the books were shared with other families.
The book bags were not returned; very young children often liked to read the same book many times and the book would be theirs to own; thereafter, young children would be encouraged to use their local libraries to access other books to read, and benefit from other activities, e.g. Story Time sessions, reading challenges. 

25.7.    Councillor Phillips asked  ...  view the full minutes text for item 25.


NEAC/19/06 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 53 KB

Additional documents:


26.1.    Mr Fulcher, Head of Development, reported that at the last meeting £2,300 had been allocated for Venue Hire and Publicity and the Making a Difference budgets for 2019/20, leaving an unallocated budget of £18,846.45 available for the North East Area Committee to spend on the priorities of its Action Plan.

26.2.    Following the financial commitment of £5,569.70 arising from the approved funding requests, the unallocated North East Area Committee budget was now £13,276.75.




that the financial statement in Appendix 1 of the report be noted.


Reason: To provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee to deliver the priorities in its Action Plan.


Dates of Future Meetings for 2019/20 at 7.30pm - a presentation will be held prior to each meeting at 7.00pm:

All meetings to be held at Ransomes Sports Pavilion, Sidegate Avenue IP4 4JJ:

·                Thursday 19 September 2019

·                Thursday 28 November 2019

·                Thursday 23 January 2020

·                Thursday 19 March 2020





that the remaining meetings for 2019/20 be held at Ransomes Sports Pavilion, Sidegate Avenue, IP4 4JJ as per the following dates:


·                Thursday 19 September 2019

·                Thursday 28 November 2019

·                Thursday 23 January 2020

·                Thursday 19 March 2020