Agenda and minutes

North East Area Committee - Thursday 15th November 2018 7.30 pm

Venue: Ransomes Sports Pavilion, Sidegate Avenue, Ipswich IP4 4JJ

Contact: Trisha Sutton  01473 432512

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from Councillors E Elavalakan and N MacDonald.


Unconfirmed Minutes of the Meeting held on 20 September 2018 pdf icon PDF 88 KB


45.1    Minute 39 – Ward Councillors Feedback from their Communities – Bixley ward to read:  ‘Councillor Phillips ….. and the water leak ‘near’ to Schreiber Road …. ‘  


            Minute 39 – Ward Councillors Feedback fro their Communities – St John’s ward to read: ‘at 133 Orwell ‘Road’ …’




that the minutes of the meeting held on 2 September 2018, with the amendments above, be signed as a true copy.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business


46.1    Item 9 - Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues would be considered after Item 12 on the agenda.  




that the Order of Business, with the amendment detailed above, be as confirmed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Police Priorities in North East Ipswich


48.1    Inspector Pursehouse presented this item and explained that he would shortly be leaving as his role of Inspector of the North East of Ipswich to be the Chief Inspector in the west of the county.  He expressed his gratitude for the support of the North East Area Committee and the community it represented and all those present wished him good luck in his new role.  


48.2    Extra patrols had been initiated around Halloween and the half term holidays and work continued targeting policing at the known hot spots where anti-social behaviour might occur.  The restructure had been introduced with a refocussed Safer Neighbourhood Team and there would be more PC’s available to work both early and late shifts.  He asked residents to feedback any issues through to the Police either to Councillors, online or by social media.


48.3    He offered the following crime prevention advice; to lock all doors as the nights were now darker earlier, to hide presents which could be seen through windows and not to leave items on the seats of cars.   


Chair's Update on Actions from the last Meeting


49.1       The Chair updated that, in respect of 131 Orwell Road, a fresh application was under consideration for a single and two storey extension.  The new application removed the dormer window from the previously presented scheme.  The determination date for the application would be shortly after 30 November 2018. 


49.2       In respect of 133 Orwell Road, Officers were in discussion with the applicant as to the need to apply for permission for the dormer window that had been constructed with the local planning authority as planning permission would be required.  This opinion had been disputed by the applicant and the matter had been expected to be concluded within the next few days, once formal representation from the applicant had been received.  Investigations as to the ownership of the fence that had been disturbed were ongoing.  Accessibility for emergency vehicles had been raised and an awareness campaign with the Fire Service was being considered. 


49.3       At Christchurch Mansion ‘The Kiss’ by Rodin was being exhibited from 24 November 2018 until the spring of 2019.  The Christmas lights would be ‘switched on’ at the Cornhill on 22 November 2018 from 4.30pm with a 6.45pm countdown and the Crown Car Park behind Crown Pools was now open for parking.  Councillor Ross said that on the 2 Sundays before Christmas from 7.00pm – 9.00pm it would be permissible for cars showing Blue Badges to drive along Carr Street to view the lights. 


49.4       The English as a Second Language (ESOL) Group would be taking part in a Christmas Fair at St John’s United Reformed Church on Cowper Street on 20 November 2018 at 11.30am. 


49.5       On 1 December 2018, in St John’s ward from 11.00am – 4.00pm there would be a Christmas event at the Lavender Trust, Foxhall Day Care Centre with Father Christmas in attendance.


Ward Councillors Feedback from their Communities


50.1    Bixley ward


Councillor Pope reported that a Pop-Up Skate Park was under consideration as an option to a request which he was working on with the Head of Planning.  Discussions continued about hospital parking and he had received positive comments about the roads in the North East which had been resurfaced.  He explained that although only 6% of the roads in the County were in the Ipswich Borough boundary, 33% of the Highways budget had been used for roads in Ipswich and tree planting and maintenance had been discussed as part of a proposal form with the process under consideration by the Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


Councillor Phillips reported that there had been a few changes to the bus timetable and Making A Difference (MAD) funding would be requested for the Carol Service at the Penshurst Road shops on 8 December 2018.  He had also attended the Women’s Festival launch event celebrating the centenary of Women’s Suffrage in Britain and an EqualiTea event at Holywells Park.  Work was taking place at Playford Road, beyond Humber Doucy Lane to improve the road and drainage and he asked any organisations in Bixley to submit any funding requests for MAD funding while some remained in the budget.


Councillor Carnall said he would like to pass on his thanks to Ian Kerrison the Operations Manager for Waste and Fleet at IBC for his swift action to ensure that the paths he had reported were cleared quickly and efficiently of leaves to avoid any danger of slips and falls.  Discussion took place about the funding contributors for the Cornhill development scheme.


            Rushmere ward


Councillor Ross also commended Mr Kerrison for action taken to cut grass verges and remove weeds in the road which he had reported. 


It was noted that the Remembrance Day Service, run by the Royal British Legion with help from IBC had attracted record crowds this year and had been a tremendous achievement and any ideas on how to improve the event would be welcomed.    


Councillor Ion commented about four trees at Westbury Road which had been replaced following four diseased trees being cut down and he also encouraged residents to talk to local Councillors should there be any planning applications which they were concerned about.


Councillor Gage had also reported some trees in Inverness Road which were in need of attention and she thanked Mr Kerrison for dealing with them and then sweeping the pavements to clear the debris from the pruning.  It had also been reported to her that pigeons were roosting under the solar panels on Dundee House.  Following the Highways Department at Suffolk County Council attending a Task & Finish Group of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee it had been reported that 50% of the planned Highways works for 2018/2019 had not yet been scheduled and as many of the roads in Ipswich were deemed to be of a minor priority these were not likely to be inspected.  The Overview & Scrutiny Committee had tasked the Chief Executive to write a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 50.


Suffolk County Councillors Feedback from their Divisions


51.1    Suffolk County Councillor Sandra Gage made reference to the Policy about replacing trees on streets and she had requested more clarification on the matter.  This followed the successful replanting of trees in Westbury Road while five trees in Colchester Road had been removed and would not be replaced.


51.2    Road safety had been flagged up at Belvedere Road following incidents of vehicles being driven on the pavement due to the narrowness of the street.  Bristos, the car dealership, had arranged for residents to use their off road parking out of office hours. Suffolk County Council had been asked to put bollards on the footway but had refused due to being liable for the ongoing maintenance of any street furniture.


51.3    The number of residents using the Pop-up Library at the Ransomes Sports Pavilion was approaching 1,000 since it had opened in March 2018 and a Christmas party would be held on 12 December 2018 from 1.30pm – 4.30pm to celebrate its success.



NEAC/18/12 Funding request - Oyster Community Press CIC: 'Who Cares' Project for Suffolk Family Carers pdf icon PDF 2 MB


52.1    Alison Smyth from the Oyster Press presented this report which requested £450 towards the cost of delivering the ‘Who Cares’ project for clients of Suffolk Family Carers.  The adult services team had identified young carers aged from 23 – 30 who would benefit from respite and wellbeing opportunities to build their confidence, feel less isolated and manage their mental health.


52.2    Up to 48 carers would work together in groups of six in workshops at the Tower Street Print Studio and an exhibition of their work would be on public display at DanceEast.  In response to a question about how many carers would be from the North East area it was confirmed that there were a number of carers in the North East.


52.3    Discussion took place about the Community Cash Grants, the limited capacity of the project in comparison to the 5,072 registered family carers (over 18 years of age) in Ipswich and the effectiveness of mindfulness as a helpful respite tool.  In respect of the year-end accounts, which had been supplied, the Performance and Projects Manager said that in terms of due diligence and as per the guidance, if the accounts were in good order then the project would be put forward for consideration and the accounts were available for Councillors on request.     




that £450 be allocated from the North East Area Committee budget towards the delivery of the ‘Who Cares’ project for clients of Suffolk Family Carers, be agreed.


Reason: To improve the opportunity for Ipswich young adult carers to access arts respite.


NEAC/18/13 Funding request - Ipswich Jazz Festival 2019 pdf icon PDF 1 MB


53.1    Neil Bateman, a Director of Jazz Festival Ltd presented this report which requested £581.25 towards the cost of a free Family Jazz Show, a free Brazilian Jazz Show and the provision of 75 concessionary tickets at £1 each to full time students or people on a means tested benefit.  He said that the foundation of a lot of traditions were based on music and musical heritage was important to all cultures. 


53.2    It was hoped that the Jazz Festival 2019, which had taken place in the 3 years previous to 2019, would be inclusive for all with workshops and bands.  The workshops would be funded through the Arts Council and he gave details of who would be performing on which days and how the event would be advertised.


53.3    In response to a question about how many attendees would be from the North East area it was confirmed that the tickets would be sold via the Regent box office, therefore ongoing monitoring would be available via postcodes.


53.4    Councillor Phillips asked whether the accounts had been submitted and the Performance and Projects Manager said that part of the Community Engagement Officers’ role was to ensure that the accounts were in order.  Councillor Carnall asked that the accounts be attached to future reports and this was agreed.


53.5    Councillor Phillips asked who would be printing the leaflets and Mr Bateman said that Jazz Festival Ltd had a small reserve for this purpose and the Arts Council had a sponsorship deal with a press company.


53.6    Councillor Ion expressed concern that participants of the festival could live outside the IBC area and Mr Bateman said that the event could not be limited to Ipswich residents only and the local economy would benefit from any revenue spent.   


53.7    Councillor Carnall asked Mr Bateman about details of the companies finance and he confirmed the working surplus of the company, the Arts Council funding and that sponsorship had been pursued at over 100 companies and the Chamber of Commerce.  It was confirmed that the company account details had been supplied to Councillors prior to the meeting and that the concessionary tickets could be sold at full price if they were not taken up.


53.8    Councillor Gage asked that in addition to postcode monitoring, feedback be gained from people’s experience of the festival to allow for more qualitative monitoring.  Mr Bateman said that the audience reaction was often a good measure of people’s experience and the project was also about promoting the town.         




that £581.25 be allocated from the North East Area Committee budget towards the delivery of Jazz Shows during the Ipswich Jazz Festival weekend during 21 – 23 June 2019, be agreed.


Reason: To improve the opportunity for Ipswich residents to access live arts.



NEAC/18/14 Funding request - Community Noticeboard at Ransomes Sports Pavilion pdf icon PDF 1 MB


54.1    Gareth Derrick, the Manager of Northgate Sports Centre and Ransomes Sports Pavilion presented this report which requested £933.00 for the installation of a community noticeboard at the Ransomes Sports Pavilion.  The facilities at the Pavilion included 2 football pitches, a practice pitch, cricket meadows and a Bowls Club run by St Margaret’s Bowls Club.  Events held at the Pavilion included the Pop-up Library, parties and celebrations, quizzes, sports clubs, community sports activities, a Pilates Group, the annual fireworks, a Parkinson’s Group and the North East Area Committee.  It was confirmed that a noticeboard could also be used to promote the facilities and events at the Northgate Sports Centre and could be placed just inside the external gate to encourage passers-by to view it.


54.2    Discussion took place about the Area Committee subsidising the IBC sports service, that VAT had not been included within the quote and that on-line advertising could be more effective.  It was confirmed by the Officer that the noticeboard could be in addition to on-line advertising and in answer to a question by Councillor Ion about the noticeboard being lit, it was confirmed that the floodlights would light the board.


54.3    Following the funding request for the installation of a community noticeboard at Ransomes Sports Pavilion being proposed and seconded the recommendation was PUT to the Committee and was LOST.



Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues


55.1    Questions had been received prior to the meeting and as always, if a question was received by the Tuesday at 10.00am, 2 days prior to the meeting then it would receive a full response from Officers.


            Q1.  How had the costs of the Homeless Unit in Sidegate Lane increased following the initial reported costs?


            With regards to the funding of the additional £600,000, £450,000 would be funded from borrowing and £150,000 from the Business Rate Retention Pilot funding.


            Q2.  Why was the location and full details of the project kept secret from the public/local residents for so long?


            As previously stated the Council followed the correct planning procedures and the large volume of representations from the public on this application suggests that the consultation had been effective in gathering residents’ views.


            Q3.  Have the homeless charities been consulted on the Council’s homeless strategy?


The Council’s Housing Strategy incorporated the Homelessness Strategy which had been fully consulted on prior to its adoption.  One of the root causes of the rise in homelessness was the lack of truly affordable housing which was something the council was trying to address through its ambition to build 1000 council houses in 10 years. However, in the meantime there was a pressing need for the Council to provide temporary accommodation for homeless households and the site offered an excellent opportunity to do that. 


Q4.  Why was Ipswich allowing other councils to put their homeless in our B & B’s which in turn puts more pressure on the rooms available for the Ipswich homeless? Do the other councils pay Ipswich Borough Council for this?


The B&B’s are privately operated businesses and the Council has no control over who they choose to accommodate. The Council also has no control over other authorities placing their applicants in temporary accommodation in our area. The only duty other Councils had was to notify the Council when they placed someone in the IBC area. Councils placing their applicants in B&B’s obviously had to pay for the accommodation but they did not have to pay this Council anything.


Q5.  Further information on planning applications


The financial viability of a scheme was increasingly cited by developers as a reason for reducing the amount of financial contributions that could be sustained, including a reduction in affordable housing.  This was not an issue specific to Ipswich.  Planning policy allowed for proposals to offer reduced obligations where schemes could be demonstrated to not be financially viable.  All viability appraisals were subject to independent scrutiny, as appointed by the local authority and with the cost for any such appraisal being borne by the developer.


Information relating to planning applications is available online, via this link


Q6.  Cornhill redevelopment – Does the Council feel the work has been completed to a good standard and the redevelopment is a success?


The project was near completion and the Council’s design team would be signing the project off in due course.  The scheme had been well received and on  ...  view the full minutes text for item 55.


NEAC/18/15 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 53 KB


56.1    The Head of Development at IBC reported that, as there had been no allocations of funding at the last meeting, the allocated budget of £13,845.70 remained available to spend on the priorities of the Area Action Plan for North East Ipswich.




that the financial position of the North East Area Committee, be noted.


Reason: To provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee to deliver the priorities in its action plan.


Dates of Future Meetings for 2018/19 at 7.30pm - a presentation will be held prior to each meeting at 7.00pm

All meetings to be held at Ransomes Sports Pavilion, Sidegate Avenue IP4 4JJ


·         Thursday 24 January 2019

·         Thursday 21 March 2019


·         Thursday 24 January 2019

·         Thursday 21 March 2019