Agenda and minutes

North East Area Committee - Thursday 2nd November 2017 7.30 pm

Venue: St John's Church Hall, Cauldwell Hall Road IP4 4QE

Contact: Trisha Sutton  01473 432512

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Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies for absence.


Unconfirmed Minutes of the Meeting held on 19 September 2017 pdf icon PDF 107 KB


38.1   Minutes No 28.2 – ‘Suffolk County Councillor Gage said ….. an experimental traffic order at Westbury Road ….’




that the minutes of the meeting held on 19 September 2017, with the amendment above, be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




          that the Order of Business be as confirmed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Chair's Update on Action Points from the Previous Meetings (Verbal)


41.1   At the last meeting, a resident had requested further statistics from Councillor Gage about the Dove Street bus stop closure but as she had reported she had been in touch with Suffolk County Council, they were unable to supply any for the reasons stated and any further questions should be raised with Suffolk County Councillor Gaylard.  


41.2   The Chair reported that the funding request for the Black History Month Celebration Event which had been agreed ‘in principle’ at the last meeting had not been funded.  Due to the limited record of accounts available, the Chair had exercised her discretion, as detailed in the Protocol and the decision had been made not to allocate the £175 requested.  The event however, had taken place and there had been very positive feedback about its success.  


41.3   It was reported that there would be Fireworks Displays at St John’s Church on Friday 3 November 2017 and at Christchurch Park on Saturday 4 November 2017.  Remembrance Day would take place at Christchurch Park on 12 November 2017 and this year was the 97th Anniversary of the Royal British Legion.    


Ward Councillors Feedback from their Communities


42.1    Bixley ward

          Councillor Phillips said that a Carol Concert would take place on the green area at Penshurst Road on 9 December 2017 and he would be requesting MAD funding in support.  He had also dealt with various road, pavement and tree issues.    


          Rushmere ward

          Councillor Ross said that he had dealt with 2 issues in Brunswick Park and had liaised with residents about proactively improving the parks in the area.


Councillor Gage said that the East Area Housing Panel had discussed how to improve the environment around Selkirk Road, in particular the area at the back of the shops and the use of the garages.  A site visit would take place shortly.  


St John’s Ward

          Councillor Elavalakan said that he had reported parking issues, about the forecourt near shops on Foxhall Road, to a Traffic Regulation Officer and there could be possible restrictions considered in this area.   


Councillor Darwin had consulted residents in Clementine Gardens with regards to possible changes to the green space.  The results would be costed and there could be a future MAD funding request for landscaping and signage.


Councillor MacDonald had visited the Foxhall Centre, the Lavender Trust Social Hub to view how they were successfully using the funding allocated by IBC, among others, for the benefit of their service users.


Suffolk County Councillors Feedback from their Divisions


43.1   Suffolk County Councillor Adams reported that she had been dealing with issues at Goring Road, the lights at St John’s and trees on the St Clements development.  Suffolk County Council were currently investigating domiciliary care and the ongoing gang and drug issues which had been reported at a previous meeting.  A project had been funded at the New Wolsey Theatre which in 3 weeks, had been seen by 7,000 young people in 15 high schools about young people staying safe and making the right decisions within safe communities in Ipswich.  


43.2   Suffolk County Councillor West said that he had met residents in Melbourne Road and Glenavon Road about slight changes to the yellow lines there and that verge parking in Chilton Road had received favourable feedback.  He reported that he had supplied dyslexia resource boxes at both primary and high schools in the area.  The roadworks at Woodbridge Road had continued and it was not known when it would be concluded. 


43.3   Suffolk County Councillor Gage said that she had supported two pre-schools (Little Acorns and Noah’s Ark) to help regenerate their outside areas.  She had reported some traffic signs on Rushmere Road to SCC Highways that were corroded and rusty around the bottom as she was concerned about safety.  The roadworks on Woodbridge Road were projected to be finished by the end of November and a business on Woodbridge Road had reported that there had been a drop in its takings by a third because of the closure.


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues


44.1   No questions had been received prior to the meeting however, if residents submitted a question prior to the Committee by post or e-mail then they would receive a full response from an appropriate Officer of the Council.


44.2   A resident of Pearce Road reported that there was currently a lack of parking spaces for residents, as clients and staff of a local business were parking in the street rather than the shop car park and Councillor Darwin agreed to look into this.   



Policing Priorities - North East Ipswich


45.1   PC Northwood reported that Operation Woven had resulted in 15 arrests by the Urban Street Gang Unit and although these were mainly in the South East Ipswich area it had pushed through the ‘Scottish Estate’ area and Broadlands Way to Kesgrave.  There was an ongoing operation by the Unit at Shetland Close to resolve drug dealing.


45.2   Of the 93 incidents reported at Halloween only one of clown scarring and three of egg throwing had been reported in the North East area and on the whole the estates had been quiet.  No incidents had been reported recently of the group of youths which had been congregating outside the Co-op as the Manager had engaged well with them.  There had been an anti-social behaviour problem in the area around Sidegate Primary School which had stopped following an arrest being made.


45.3   The ‘stand-alone’ Speed Indicator Device (SID) purchased with funding allocated by the North East Area Committee was currently awaiting the supply of the correct lead from the manufacturing company as there had been a problem with the memory function.  Discussion was taking place with SCC Highways about which piece of street furniture to place the larger SID on.  This would collect data when it was functioning.       


North East Ipswich Transport Schemes


46.1    This item would be deferred until the January meeting.  


NEAC/17/15 Funding request - Ipswich Community Playbus pdf icon PDF 698 KB

Additional documents:


47.1   Mr Rick Watson, a Youth Worker of the Ipswich Community Playbus presented this report which requested £1,250 in contribution to the running costs of the Ipswich Community Playbus.  A free session had been running for families in the area which had been very popular and well used.


47.2   Discussion took place about possible sites for the Playbus and Councillor Pope said that he was pleased to see the cost broken down area by area and he knew that parents valued the service.  


47.3   Councillor Phillips asked how many users boarded at Moffat Avenue and Mr Watson said between 12 and 18 per session.  It was a community project for everyone and often grandparents brought their grandchildren to use the facility.


47.4   Councillor Darwin said that she would like to ensure that ongoing monitoring would take place and Mr Watson said that the statistics were kept up to date and annual figures, with totals were available.  Councillor Gage asked whether the Playbus organisation had asked Suffolk County Council to support the project and Mr Watson said that the Playbus used to be available at some children’s centres but since the funding had been cut no sessions were now funded from Suffolk County Council.  Councillor Ross confirmed that the Playbus had received a Community Cash Grant from IBC last year and a grant had also been given by IBC to Ipswich Buses for ongoing maintenance of the vehicle. 




          that £1,250 be allocated to the Ipswich Community Playbus from the North East Area Committee budget to contribute to the running costs of the Ipswich Community Playbus.          


          Reason: To provide a weekly Community Playbus session across the North East area during term time, in line with the Priority 3 principle of Building a Better Ipswich Corporate Plan: An Enjoyable Place to Live, Work and Study.


NEAC/17/16 Funding request - Pop Up Library at Ransomes Pavilion pdf icon PDF 738 KB


48.1   Alison Wheeler and Daniel Harvey from Suffolk Libraries Local presented this report which requested funding from the North East Area Committee budget for the provision of a local branch at Ransomes Pavilion.  This project was a new concept for Ipswich although three other pilot projects had taken place in Suffolk. 


48.2   The Ransomes Pavilion had been considered an ideal venue as it was an attractive community building which provided comfortable surroundings with toilets and wi-fi available to not only allow books to be chosen and activities to be held but help could be available to promote on-line services, which had proved very useful to residents at the pilot projects. 


48.3   It was a very cost effective way to provide this service, without the expense of providing a branch library in the North East area.  The building was close to two primary schools and Suffolk County Councillor Gage had provided a financial commitment from her SCC Locality budget.


48.4   Councillor Pope asked how this would increase literacy and what the desired outcomes were and Ms Wheeler said that the pilot projects had been very successful and offered to come back with target numbers.  Suffolk County Councillor West asked whether the designated day could be on a Saturday and Ms Wheeler said that in order to make the service available for children after school and pre-school children and adults it would be held on Wednesdays as the Pavilion was unavailable on Saturdays.  The project would be well publicised on radio and on social media and she hoped that Councillors would also spread the word.         


48.5   Discussion took place about the funds required to make the 2 year project sustainable, the locality of other libraries in the area and the opportunity for the project to provide a useful weekly service to the community.  In respect of the travel costs required it was confirmed that the equipment would not be stored at Ransomes Pavilion and would be need to be transported in every week and the person running the library was a retired teacher who had worked with the library service for 16 years.  If at the end of the 2 year project, if users requested that the weekly library service continued then other funding streams would be applied for.    




          that £10,460 be allocated from the North East Area Committee budget to Suffolk Libraries Local for the provision of a pop up library at Ransomes Pavilion, be agreed.


          Reason: To provide a local library provision at Ransomes Pavilion, in line with Priority 4: A Healthy Community and Priority 6: Safe Communities of the Building a Better Ipswich, Corporate Plan 2017.


NEAC/17/17 Area Action Plan - Update pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Additional documents:


49.1   The Community Engagement Officer presented the Area Action Plan for the North East area and gave details of the three funding requests which were agreed at the last meeting.  He reported that the ESOL Group ‘It’s Tuesday’ were currently looking for an assistant to help with the Group and the Ipswich Ravens Volleyball Club were currently playing at St Albans High School on Saturdays and Tuesday evenings if anyone was interested in joining them.   




          that the North East Area Action Plan, attached at Appendix 1 to report Ref No: NEAC/17/17, be noted.


          Reason:  Developing priorities to provide the basis of an action plan would enable the Area Committee to clearly communicate its vision and priorities for the area and would help demonstrate how its budget was being allocated to deliver the priorities for the area.


NEAC/17/18 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Additional documents:


50.1   The Head of Development reported that at the beginning of the meeting the North East Area Committee had an unallocated budget of £18,493.26 available to spend on the priorities of the Area Action Plan for North East Ipswich.




          that the financial statement in Appendix 1 of report Ref No: NEAC/17/18, be noted.


          Reason: To provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee to deliver the priorities in its action plan.


Dates of Future Meetings for 2017/18 at 7.30pm - a presentation will be held prior to each meeting at 7.00pm.

All to be held at St John’s Church Hall, Cauldwell Hall Road IP4 4QE


·         Thursday 11 January 2018

·         Thursday 15 March 2018


·       Thursday 11 January 2018

·       Thursday 15 March 2018