Agenda and minutes

North East Area Committee - Thursday 14th January 2016 7.30 pm

Venue: St John's Church Hall, Cauldwell Hall Road, Ipswich, IP4 4QE

Contact: Trisha Sutton  01473 432512

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillor MacDonald.  Councillor A Murray (Suffolk County Council) was also unable to attend the meeting.


Minutes of the meeting held on 21 November 2015 pdf icon PDF 84 KB




that the minutes from the meeting held on 12 November 2015, be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




            to vary the Order of Business.  That Item 13. Fire Service Presentation be considered after Item 10. in that order and that otherwise the Order of Business be as confirmed as printed on the Agenda. 


Declarations of Interest


Councillor R Pope declared an interest in Item 10. Funding request – PhotoEast and left the room during this item, as he had professional dealings with the report author.


Chairman's Update on Action Points from the Previous Meetings (Verbal)


58.1    The Chair said that he had received a letter of thanks from Mr Andy Wood, Head Coach and Manager of the Gymnastics Club at Pipers Vale for the North East Area Committee funding received towards the purchase of new gymnastic mats.  As the attendance at Pipers Vale had continued to increase he was looking to open another venue.  


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues


59.1    The Chair confirmed that no questions had been received prior to the meeting however, if residents submitted a question to the Committee by post, e-mail or by phone then they would receive a full response from an appropriate Officer of the Council.


Ward Councillors Feedback from their Communities


Bixley Ward


60.1    Councillor Phillips reported that the Post Office in the Co-op in Woodbridge Road East would be closed for 5 – 7 days refurbishment during March 2016.  The consultation would remain open until 19 January 2016 after which the opening days and extended opening hours would be confirmed.    


60.2    He reminded residents that ‘no cold calling zones’ could be an option for a group of residents to consider setting up.  If any help was needed with this please get in touch with either an Ipswich Borough or a Suffolk County Councillor.


60.3    Councillor Carnall reported that he has engaged with residents on a number of grass verge options and over 200 people had attended the Christmas Carol Concert for which ‘Making A Difference’ funding had been agreed.


60.4    Councillor Carnall asked for an update about the Parking Enforcement Officers and Councillor Ross said that it had been agreed at Executive that 2 Enforcement Officers would be employed and he agreed to update about this at the next meeting.


Rushmere ward


60.5    Councillor Gage reported that anti-social behaviour issues at Selkirk Road and Renfrew Road had now been resolved.


60.6    At the last meeting it had been reported that there were issues about residents waiting for occupational therapy assessment for adaptations.  This has been monitored, additional resource had been given for IBC to complete the assessments and adaptations would now be made.


60.7    Councillor Ross reported that a request for ‘Making A Difference’ funding had been received for a ‘Tapestry Online Learning Journey’ from the Little Acorns Pre-School on Sidegate Lane.


Suffolk County Councillors Feedback from their Divisions


Bixley Division


61.1    In the absence of Suffolk County Councillor Murray, Councillor Carnall updated that a survey about hospital parking had been funded from the locality budget of Councillor Murray.  The raw data would now be analysed and the findings would be released later.  Improvements to the junction at Woodbridge Road / Argyle Street had been under consideration but Suffolk County Council had decided that no design would meet safety requirements so any change to this junction would not proceed.


St John’s Division


61.2    Suffolk County Councillor Martin spoke about the changes to the Post Office layout in the Cauldwell Hall Road Co-Operative store.  The Post Office would be in a separate area of the shop and would give the same level of service.


61.3    The former residents care home in Crabbe Street had been brought by a private provider.  Permission to extend the site had been submitted to the last Planning & Development Committee when the item had been deferred for a site visit.


Rushmere Division


61.4    Suffolk County Councillor Gage reported that it had been agreed that a pavement at Gordon Road / Woodbridge Road would be rebuilt.


61.5    At the last meeting it had been reported that overhanging vegetation was causing visibility issues at the Woodbridge Road roundabout with St Mary’s Road.  She had met with Officers who had agreed that the overhanging trees were not considered to be an issue however, a hedge causing concern would be cut back and the situation would be monitored.  


61.6    All grit bins should now have been refilled, if more grit was required Suffolk County Councillor Gage would be able to pass on the details to Highways.


61.7    Footway problems at Woodbridge Road / Belvedere Road were being looked at and it was confirmed that Renfrew Road would be resurfaced before Easter. 


61.8    The Bus Shelter at Khartoum Road, for which the North East Area Committee had agreed some funding, had been installed and a Real Time information screen would be installed soon.


61.9    A survey of residents was underway about the state of verges and priority areas would be identified.  


NEAC/15/17 Policing Priorities and Statistics pdf icon PDF 52 KB

Additional documents:


62.1    PC Gareth Northwood reported that the Police were currently under restructure to realign their services and more information would be known by the next meeting.  He confirmed that there would be a further 70 Police Constables in Suffolk. 


62.2    The three priorities in the North East area were:-


1.    Anti-social behaviour at Bull Road.  This had now been dealt with.

2.    Anti-social behaviour at Roper Court.  This had resulted in a crack house closure.

3.    Anti-social behaviour on The Heath.  This was being monitored. 


62.3    Car parking problems around schools were being monitored and Police were working with the Enforcement Officers and awareness promotion with the schools and parents would continue.


62.4    Councillor Pope requested that the crime figures supplied be broken down into wards and the Police Officer reported that although anti-social behaviour was known to be seasonal this had been the quietest Christmas yet and generally anti-social behaviour in the street had reduced.  


62.5    Councillor Ross said that the Police recruitment ban had now been lifted and that the Safer Neighbourhood Team in the North East had proved to be so successful, it would now be part of a larger team to include some of the South East area and Kesgrave, but would however still be based at Heath Road.  It was confirmed that the Police Station in Museum Street would remain open during the day.


62.6    The full implications of an estates review would not be known until March 2016 when further details would be released.  The Police and Crime Commissioner, following the upcoming election in May 2016, would be invited to attend a future North East Area Committee to speak to residents. 




            that the Policing Priorities (updated verbally) and the Statistics, as detailed in Appendix 1 to report Ref No NEAC/15/17, be noted.


            Reason:  To provide clear and transparent details of the crime statistics in the North East Area of Ipswich.


NEAC/15/18 Funding request - PhotoEast pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Additional documents:


63.1    Councillor Pope left the meeting and did not take part in the voting thereon.  Jo Bexley and Ben Driver from PhotoEast presented this funding request to the Committee.  In partnership with the University College Suffolk (UCS) a general exhibition to include a Photographic Festival would be held on The Waterfront from 24 May 2016 to 25 June 2016. 


63.2    The primary project which required funding would be for a large-scale panoramic exhibition of Ipswich street life by George Georgiou, as taken from the top of a double decker bus, in association with Ipswich Buses.  12 buses would then exhibit a selection of these images for a further two years and they would be housed as a collection at one of the local museums.  A book of photographs similar to those that would be taken was circulated to the Committee for information.


63.3    The second project exhibited at the Festival would be by Julian Germain.  In conjunction with Gotelee Solicitors, it would consist of photographs of 20 families in Ipswich with 4 to 5 generations still living and some promotion work had been taking place at Sidegate School.


63.4    Discussion took place about how the photographs from the buses would be taken through glass and that the street scenes would be available to view on the PhotoEast website for non-commercial use.  The ‘Generations’ exhibition would be held at the Waterfront Gallery during the PhotoEast Festival and the Ipswich Museum was keen to exhibit them after this, by working with the Ipswich Society.


63.5    Councillor Carnall expressed serious reservations about the projects, based on the financial information given however, Councillor Ross felt that the number of visitors an exhibition like this could bring to Ipswich was important and he was proud that an Ipswich born person (Mr Germain) could hold this project in perpetuity for Ipswich.  It was requested that some of the exhibition, relevant to North East residents, be brought back for them to view. 




            that £1,200 be allocated from the North East Area Committee budget for the PhotoEast projects as detailed in Appendix 1 to report Ref No: NEAC/15/18, be agreed. 


            Reason:  To support the Area Committee priority ‘Help older residents feel included in their community’.



Fire Service Consultation Presentation


64.1    Deputy Chief Fire Officer Mark Sanderson and Fire Officer Steve Jupp attended to present to the Committee about the 14 week period of consultation which was currently being undertaken on the Fire Service proposals for Suffolk.  The consultation would close on 22 February 2016 when feedback would be collated and a report would be submitted to the Cabinet at Suffolk County Council in May 2016.


64.2    Due to less Central Government funding being available, the Fire Service would need to save £1.34m over the next 3 years from the £22m budget.  An Integrated Risk Management Plan 2015-18 had been produced which detailed the statutory responsibilities of the Fire & Rescue Service, however apart from the core role to respond to emergencies, a lot of prevention work took place.  This work engaged with businesses carrying out audits and promoting fire safety and the community, providing home visits and advice about fitting smoke alarms.  The School Fire Liaison Officers Scheme had also proved a huge success as had the work undertaken with children in schools and visits to the Fire Station to raise awareness. 


64.3    Officers and vehicles were often sent to other areas in response to emergencies such as the recent flooding, road traffic accidents or chemical incidents.  Even with the population growth in Suffolk, emergencies had reduced from 8,000 in 2004/5 to 4,785 this year because of the work done to protect and educate people to stay safe in their homes especially as all new homes now had to comply with modern housing requirements.


64.4    The current levels of operational vehicles and staff (including on-call fire fighters) who crew the 29 stations in Suffolk were detailed.  It was reported that for 80% of the time every fire engine was in a fire station not having been called and half of all emergency calls were false alarms.  The provision of on-call fire fighters was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain as businesses were not prepared the commitment to release staff when necessary.


64.5    The proposal was to retain the two Fire Stations in Ipswich (that deal with 1,200 calls a year) but remove three of the six (currently three at each) fire engines.  One fire engine would be removed from the Ipswich East fire station, leaving two engines (one with a full time crew and one with an on-call crew).  At Princes Street, two of the fire engines would be removed; leaving one full time crew and one of the removed engines would be replaced by a specialist water engine.  The support function would also be reduced so a reduction in senior management would be expected and the firefighter posts would be reduced from 76 to 56, through natural wastage over time. 


64.6    The fire stations in Ipswich received 3 to 4 emergency calls a day but were often called to support other fire stations in Suffolk, this being roughly 2,000 times a year.  Most calls in Ipswich only required 1 fire engine to attend and under the proposal suggested, the nearest  ...  view the full minutes text for item 64.


NEAC/15/19 Area Action Plan pdf icon PDF 50 KB

Additional documents:




            that the North East Area Action Plan, attached at Appendix 1 to report Ref No: NEAC/15/19, be noted.


            Reason:  Developing priorities to provide the basis of an action plan would enable the Area Committee to clearly communicate its vision and priorities for the area and would help demonstrate how its budget would be allocated to deliver the priorities set for the area.  


NEAC/15/20 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 54 KB

Additional documents:


66.1    The Operations Manager for Parks and Bereavement Services reported that at the start of the meeting the North East Area Committee had an available budget of £37,404 to support its priorities.  At the last meeting agreement had been given for £5,000 for the Bus Shelter project.  Since the last meeting three items had also been agreed from the MAD budget of £100 for a Carol Service in Bixley ward, £200 for the Augustine’s Church Organ in Bixley ward and £40 for Facebook advertising in St John’s ward.


66.2    The Committee were asked to consider the outstanding financial commitments detailed in Appendix 3 to the report and it was agreed that these commitments would be returned to the North East Area Committee unallocated budget.




1.    that the financial statement of the North East Area Committee, attached at Appendix 2 to report Ref No: NEAC/15/20 ,be noted.


Reason: To provide an audit trail that has been spent from the North East Area Committee budget.


2.    that the following outstanding budget commitments be returned to the unallocated North East  Area budget:

·           Lindsey Road Bollards – 20/03/12 - £1,124

·           Dumbarton Road Recreation Ground – 20/03/12 - £155

·           Pram Ramps at Penshurst Road – 13/06/12 - £1,500

·           Ageing Well in North East Ipswich – 13/06012 - £500

·           Litter Bin/Dog Bin Provision – 13/01/13 – £2,048

·           Roundwood Map – 10/09/13 - £163

·           Community Payback Team Project – 23/03/14 - £20


Reason:  To release any North East Area Committee budget funding where there was no further expenditure anticipated. 


66.3    The Chair thanked the Operations Manager for Parks and Bereavement Services for his work undertaken for the North East Area Committee as he would now be stepping down and Mr Peter Thompson, the Head of Development at Ipswich Borough Council would now take on the Lead Officer responsibility.


Dates of Future Meetings for 2016/17 at 7.30pm - a presentation will be held prior to each meeting at 7.00pm

All to be held at St John’s Church Hall, Cauldwell Hall Road, IP4 4QE


·         Thursday 17 March 2016

·         Thursday 16 June 2016

·         Thursday 21 July 2016

·         Thursday 8 September 2016

·         Thursday 3 November 2016

·         Thursday 26 January 2017

·         Thursday 16 March 2017


All to be held at St John’s Church Hall, Cauldwell Hall Road, IP4 4QE:


·         Thursday 17 March 2016

·         Thursday 16 June 2016

·         Thursday 21 July 2016

·         Thursday 8 September 2016

·         Thursday 3 November 2016

·         Thursday 26 January 2017

·         Thursday 16 March 2017