Agenda and minutes

Central Area Committee - Tuesday 21st May 2013 7.00 pm

Venue: Room W116, First Floor, UCS Waterfront Building, Neptune Quay, IP4 1QJ

Contact: Linda Slowgrove  01473 432511

No. Item


Election of Chair


Councillor Gibbs was elected Chair for the 2013/14 Municipal Year.


Councillor Gibbs welcomed Councillor John Cook to the Committee and thanked former Councillor Ken Bates.  Councillor Gibbs also congratulated Councillor Inga Lockington and Councillor Sarah Adams on their election as Suffolk County Councillors for St Margaret’s & Westgate.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Crane.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 66 KB




that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 7 March 2013 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be confirmed as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor Cook, being a director of the East of England Cooperative Society, who own the land where the Glyn Hopkins garage is sited, declared an interest in agenda item 10 (report CAC/13/03) and left the room during the consideration of this item.


To Confirm the Venues of Future Meetings

Thursday 25 July 2013, 7pm – Holly Lodge Baptist Church, Bramford Lane, IP1 4DF

Tuesday 1 October 2013, 7pm – Reg Driver Visitor Centre, Christchurch Park, IP4 2BX

Tuesday 19 November 2013, 7pm – Alexandra

Thursday 30 January 2014, 7pm – Westgate

Thursday 20 March 2014, 7pm – St Margaret’s


Councillor French requested that the times of future meetings be earlier, in particular during the winter months.  Councillor Gibbs reported that this would be considered at the next agenda planning meeting, but added that the 1 October meeting would be difficult to change as the Police and Crime Commissioner was booked to attend that meeting.


The next two meetings would be held at:


Thursday 25 July 2013, 7pm – Holly Lodge Baptist Church, Bramford Lane, IP1 4DF;

Tuesday 1 October 2013, 7pm – Reg Driver Visitor Centre, Christchurch Park, IP4 2BX.


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues

(a)          Police Priorities


Policing Priorities


7.1.        Councillor Gibbs introduced PC Mark Carter and PCSO Gemma Read of the Central Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), who reported that the three policing priorities for Central Ipswich were still as follows:

Jubilee Play Area: Following the anti-social behaviour issues last summer, this area was currently under control, but the dispersal order would remain in place for the summer months.

London Road: The illegal scrap metal dealers were being monitored by the traffic unit, with vehicles being stopped and seized. With more people now licensed as scrap dealers, the number of stops at this address was becoming less.  

Skateboard Park: The previous issues around drug dealing and drinking were being addressed via a multi-agency approach, and this area has been quiet because of the cold weather. This area will continue to be monitored, especially during the summer months.  Positive activities are being considered at this location – last year, a barbecue was put on by the Police and drug agencies, and there are plans for displays and skateboard training.  A lot more families have been attending to watch their children play, and the Police presence has helped to encourage people to use the skateboard park for its designated purpose. 

7.2.        Councillor Lockington reported that she had had problems getting through to the Police by phone and had sent information via the email address on their website, but had received no feedback to say that the issue was being dealt with.
PC Carter reported that emails were allocated to officers by the Inspector, and people should then receive a call or email back from the allocated officer.  However, the best method of reporting incidents is to call 101 as this would be allocated to an officer quicker and would create an event on the system, which could be monitored and used for statistics, whereas an email is not logged in this manner.  Additionally, if people call with information, it could be given immediately to an officer who may already be in the vicinity.

7.3.        Local resident: What are the partner agencies doing to address begging in the Town Centre?
The issues of street drinking and begging are being addressed by the Town Safe team, with support from the Central SNT.  Initially, warnings are issued or people are requested to move on, but there is also the potential for arrest. Anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) with conditions could also be considered in some cases.
Councillor Blake reported that many agencies were involved in addressing these problems, i.e. Community Resource Centre, Police, CRI, Town Centre Rangers, and these agencies meet regularly to discuss individual cases.  It is often a slow process to help people with drink/drug dependencies and get them back into appropriate accommodation.

7.4.        Local resident: Are the Police planning to abolish ASBOs?
This policy is still in place.  However, to put an ASBO in place requires a lot of evidence and statements, and the Police prefer to have statements from independent witnesses.

7.5.        Councillor Gibbs reported that no written questions  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


CAC/13/01 Ipswich Half-Marathon Route Revision pdf icon PDF 22 KB

Additional documents:


8.1.        Mr Keer (Sports Development Officer) reported that this year’s Ipswich Half Marathon would be taking place on Sunday 22 September in support of the St Elizabeth Hospice and EACH charities, with support provided by the Round Table.

8.2.        This year the route will follow a more compact route within the centre of Ipswich and affected roads will be closed from 8.50am to 11.30am.  Details of road closures and corresponding alternative routes will be publicised to local residents, businesses, churches and transport companies, and via the event website, posters and in the local press leading up to the event.

8.3.        Twitter: Is there a list of roads involved for the half-marathon?
Yes, this is available and will be publicised as described.  Maps on the event website will allow people to zoom in to see the route in greater detail.

8.4.        Councillor Leeder encouraged people to come along and support this event and confirmed that he would be running in the half-marathon.


that the Central Area Committee note the change of route being implemented from 2013 for the Ipswich Half Marathon and champion the event for participation, volunteering and fund raising for local charities/good causes.


Reason: The new route has been identified as the best fit option for the development of the event in meeting needs of participants, event management and traffic management


CAC/13/02 Funding Request: Summer and Half-Term Activities pdf icon PDF 78 KB

Additional documents:


9.1.        Mr Keer (Sports Development Officer) reported that the Council had a history of providing sports and leisure activities for young people during the school holidays in partnership with other agencies.  Funding was being requested to support these activities as there was less third-party funding available this year.

9.2.        The funding would support 3 hours of activities per day over a 4-week period in the summer holiday and 1.5 hours of activities per day during the October half-term holiday.  Sherrington Road Park would not be included in this scheme as it is outside the Central Ipswich area.

9.3.        The activities would be set up to help address local issues and needs and to discourage young people from anti-social behaviour.  Suffolk County Council would also be offering basketball activities to run alongside these activities.

9.4.        Councillor Jones proposed that a further £3,000 of funding be provided to enable more activities to be delivered to help target the more deprived areas, such as Jubilee Park.  Councillor French suggested that holding some of the activities in Christchurch Park could help to signpost young people to activities happening in other areas.  It was agreed that this additional funding be approved, with Officers to decide where to assign the additional activities in order to meet the needs of young people in the more deprived areas of Central Ipswich.




(i)           that the Central Area Committee agrees to option 2, to fund summer holiday activities twice a day for four weeks of the summer holidays, at a total cost of £2,000, to be funded from the Central Area Committee Budget;


Reason: Launch some activities with disenfranchised groups in each of the wards to identify what the educational needs may be.  Work with the relevant agencies to see what can be delivered in response to the findings, which meets one of the objectives of the Central area action plan.


(ii)          that the Central Area Committee agrees to option 3, to fund October half term activities, at a total cost of £282.50, to be funded from the Central Area Committee budget;


Reason: Launch some activities with disenfranchised groups in each of the wards to identify what the educational needs may be.  Work with the relevant agencies to see what can be delivered in response to the findings, which meets one of the objectives of the Central Area Action Plan.


(iii)         that the Central Area Committee agrees to fund additional activities during the summer holidays, at a total cost of £3,000, to target the more deprived areas of Central Ipswich, to be funded from the Central Area Committee budget.


Reason: To help divert young people in the more deprived and heavily populated areas of Central Ipswich from anti-social behaviour by engaging them in activities.


CAC/13/03 TRO Objections pdf icon PDF 89 KB

Additional documents:


10.1.     Mr Newsham (Integrated Transport Officer) outlined the proposal for a set of parking and loading restrictions on Norwich Road in the vicinity of Richmond Road, and the objection received from the Glyn Hopkin garage.  The proposals have been put forward for road safety reasons due to the problems caused by HGVs (predominately car transporters) unloading at the Glyn Hopkin garage immediately next to the Richmond Road junction.  The proposals would provide a 22-metre space outside Glyn Hopkin garage away from the junction for use at off-peak hours. Mr Newsham emphasised that officers strongly recommended that the proposals be implemented, as the current practice was very unsafe.

10.2.     Councillor Cann reported that he had received a lot of casework in relation to this problem as HGVs have been frequently breaking parking regulations at this location.

10.3.     Councillor Jones reported that the objection raised the issue of more than one transporter arriving at the garage at the same time, and commented that this was something that the garage should be coordinating.

10.4.     Local resident (Norwich Road): I wrote to Glyn Hopkin on behalf of a group of local residents about the safety aspect of their operation and the chaos it causes to local residents, especially during rush hour, but received no response, so I referred the issue to the Council.  Currently transporters cannot legally load or unload at this site; the proposed restrictions would provide a legal space on the highway to unload vehicles.  The objection states that the garage would not be able to unload more than one transporter at a time – currently they cannot legally unload one transporter.  It is not Glyn Hopkin that would get fined if the current yellow lines were enforced, it would be the drivers of the transporters. Other dealerships in the area park up elsewhere and ring for a slot, this is a standard practice.  This TRO should be passed in order to make Norwich Road/Richmond Road safer and stop the garage from continuing to operate illegally on the highway.

10.5.     Councillor Jones referred to the comment in the objection about the business being forced to make way for housing because of the Local Development Framework, and reported that any future use of the site would ultimately depend on Glyn Hopkin and the landowner, not the Council.




that the objection received to the TRO28 proposals for Norwich Road/Richmond Road be overruled and the restrictions implemented as proposed.


Reason: As the need and justification for the proposed restrictions are considered to outweigh the reasons given within the objection


CAC/13/04 Litter Bin and Dog Bin Provision Update pdf icon PDF 22 KB

Additional documents:


11.1.     Ms Reeve (Waste Services Operations Manager) reported that the majority of the 84 new litter/dog bins requested across Ipswich had been installed, but there had been concerns relating to 2 of the proposed locations within Central Ipswich:


·                     Paget Road – bin was not installed following representations from local residents; so far, no alternative site has been identified nor has there been any evidence to support the need for a bin in this vicinity

·                     The Avenue/Kingsfield Avenue junction – following the receipt of a petition from local residents requesting the removal of the bin, an alternative site has been identified on the footpath of Kingsfield Avenue


11.2.     Councillor Lockington reported that residents had been monitoring whether the new bins were being used, and noted that the bin on Bolton Lane was located outside someone’s window and was too high for children to use – if a bin is to be located on Kingsfield Avenue, it should at a lower level. Ms Reeve reported that a bin in that location would have to be at ground level as there was not a post to mount it on.

11.3.     Councillor French reported that if the new bins were not being used, then they should be removed and used elsewhere, but neighbouring residents should be consulted before any decision is made.

11.4.     Ms Reeve reported that this had been a one-off project across the whole of Ipswich.  Normally, the allocated budget for bins only covers the cost of replacements.  The request for bins was advertised on the website and in The Angle, but there wasn’t resource available to consult with residents on the proposed locations of the new bins.  Usually any one-off request for a bin is followed up with residents. Lessons have been learnt from this project, and if repeated in the future, it would be done one area at a time.

11.5.     Councillor Cook reported that residents had recently highlighted a couple of potential locations for bins and added that he would be willing to speak to local residents to get their views.  Ms Reeve reported that any on-going bin requests should be forwarded to Glynis Wood (Waste Performance Team Leader) and they would be considered in accordance with the current criteria, i.e. whether the bin could be accommodated within existing collection rounds and whether near to schools, shops etc.

11.6.     Twitter: Dog litter is an issue in Ipswich and needs to be enforced.
Ms Reeve reported that the Council has 3 Enforcement Officers to deal with waste, litter and dog fouling offences.  Patrols are undertaken where incidents are reported, but the difficulty is having officers in the right place when the offences are actually taking place in order to be able to enforce it.




(i)            that no litter/dog bin be installed in relation to Paget Road;

(ii)          that the litter/dog bin on The Avenue/Kingfield Avenue be removed and not replaced:

(iii)         that in the long term in respect of these Area Committee funded bins, the Waste Services Operations  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.


CAC/13/05 Funding Request: Improving Street Scene - Upper Orwell Street pdf icon PDF 61 KB

Additional documents:


12.1.     Mr Parling (Property Services Operations Manager) outlined the proposals in the report for improving the street scene following the proposed demolition by NCP of 46-34 Upper Orwell Street, including 36 Upper Orwell Street, which is within the ownership of Ipswich Borough Council.

12.2.     Councillor Leeder commented that whilst this area had many challenges, these proposals would help to improve the street scene on Upper Orwell Street, including the derelict site known as 54-46 Upper Orwell Street, and were linked to the future aspirations of the Town Centre Master Plan.  The landscaping would involve hardy planting, but there would not be any room for seating.

12.3.     Councillor Cann commented that there was no issue with the principle of the proposal, but questioned whether the Area Committee should be asked to match fund the work of a third-party company, especially when there were such acute problems in other parts of Central Ipswich.

12.4.     Councillor Lockington asked what the legal position was if NCP should decide to develop this site in the next few years after the improvement works are done.  Mr Parling reported that in view of the current weak property market, it was unlikely that any development would occur in the next few years, and in any event, in view of the Council’s ownership of 36 Upper Orwell Street, NCP would have to negotiate with the Council over any future development.  If the funding was not approved by the Area Committee, NCP would still demolish their properties adjoining 36 Upper Orwell Street and would only put up hoardings or Heras fencing.

12.5.     Councillor Lockington asked who would maintain the landscaped area should funding be approved.  Mr Parling reported that local community groups would be contacted to seek their involvement in maintaining this area.

12.6.     Councillor Cook commented that if the site was to be developed in the short term that would be very welcome, but it was highly unlikely in the current climate.  This proposal was a positive move to enhance this area, and as the Council owned part of the site, it was not inappropriate to part fund the improvements.

12.7.     Councillor Leeder commented that the Area Committee had previously supported the part-funding of Economic Development improvements with the Christmas lights on Fore Street, and this proposal had the support of local residents and businesses.



that the Central Area Committee approves the funding request for £10,000 from the Central Area Committee budget to match fund the proposed street scene improvements.


Reason: The improvements will contribute towards fulfilling the objectives of an improved environment and an increased sense of community pride


CAC/13/06 Funding Request: Equipment for 28th Ipswich Guides Company pdf icon PDF 26 KB

Additional documents:


13.1.     Ms Gail Kerrison, Guide Leader of the 28th Ipswich Guides Company, requested £200 for the provision of 2 tents to allow the guides to attend the Moot V event in August.  As this is a large event that involves other Guides companies in Suffolk, it would not be possible to borrow equipment from other companies as in previous years.

13.2.     Councillor Jones asked whether 2 tents would be sufficient.  Ms Kerrison reported that 10 girls would be attending, but she would need to source a tent for herself as the attending Guide Leader.  Ms Kerrison confirmed that this equipment would be made available to other local Guides companies in the future.

13.3.     Councillor Jones proposed that funding of up to £300 be approved to allow 3 tents to be purchased and this was agreed.



that the Central Area Committee approve funding of £300 from the Central Area Committee budget to purchase 3 tents to enable the guides to participate in the Moot V event in August 2013.


Reason: The event will fulfil one of the priorities in the Central Delivery Plan, which is to: “Develop Community Relationships and increase Community pride/ownership”


Chairman's Update on Actions from Previous Meetings


14.1.     Councillor Leeder reported that the Christmas lights on Fore Street were permanent, as local businesses had been consulted and had agreed that the lights remain up all year as they added to the street scene and could also be used for other events, such as the Maritime Festival.

14.2.     Councillor Gibbs reported that Anthea Pipe, Community Watch Liaison Officer, had responded to the Chairman of the St Margaret’s Neighbourhood Watch (NW) Group in relation to communications as follows:

“NW Co-ordinators are informed about local crime and burglaries either via Police Direct or the weekly e-newsletters. Whilst this is often a day or so after the event, it would not be realistic to task the attending CID Officer to notify the NW Co-ordinator as they have a lot to deal with, especially with the gathering of evidence and then the investigation. Residents/members themselves should take a responsible part to play in this communication.  In the last monthly newsletter, NW members were reminded that if they suffer a crime their first call should be to the Police, and then their second call to their local NW Co-ordinator. Further reminders will be sent out throughout the year. There may be times when certain burglaries are not listed on Police Direct or the weekly e-newsletters, e.g. if they are domestic related.”

14.3.     Councillor Gibbs reported that the provision of grit bins was now a Suffolk County Council function, and therefore requests should be submitted to the Ipswich Area Highways Team at Suffolk County Council or raised via the local Suffolk County Councillors:
St Helen’s – Councillor Mandy Gaylard;
St Margaret’s & Westgate – Councillor Sarah Adams & Councillor Inga Lockington.

14.4.     Councillor Gibbs reported the following progress on funded projects:

·            Alexandra Park toilets – decoration works were now complete;

·            Removal of planters in Westgate – one has been removed, one still to be removed;

·            Glass recycling unit on Tower Ramparts – to be installed once the bus station improvements are done;

·            Christchurch Park car park lighting – lighting has been installed in the car park; officers are awaiting costs for additional lights on top of the Reg Driver Visitor Centre and in the border of the path leading down to the gate, but this should be achievable within the existing budget.


Community Intelligence - Verbal Update from Ward Councillors


15.1.     Councillor Jones reported that the Ipswich Food and Drink fortnight was running from 17 May until 31 May 2013, and had opened with the Food and Drink Festival on Orwell Quay on 17-19 May 2013.  Councillor Jones added that Ipswich was currently listed as number 43 in the top 50 most visited towns in the UK.

15.2.     Councillor Cook reported that he had reported litter black spots and parking offences to the Council and these had been addressed.  The public can report any issues with litter, dog fouling etc. to the Cleaner Ipswich Hotline on Ipswich 433000.

15.3.     Councillor Leeder reported that a community clean-up day was being arranged in conjunction with the Community Payback team and other agencies for the Grimwade Street/Woodhouse Square/Shaftesbury Square area, and encouraged local residents to get involved in this activity.

15.4.     Councillor French reported that the Breakfast Advisory Service was running at the Community Resource Centre and provided support to homeless people between 8am and 10am.  This project may require some stop-gap funding in the future.  Councillor Jones added that the project was also looking for volunteers to help with preparing breakfast.

15.5.     Councillor Lockington reported that leaflets were available for the Ipswich in Bloom competitions for 2013. More information is available on their website at:   


CAC/13/07 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 22 KB

Additional documents:


16.1.     Councillor Gibbs reported that at the start of the meeting, the Central Area Committee had an unallocated budget of £78,059 available to support its priorities.  Following the financial commitment of £15,583 arising from the approved funding requests, the Central Area Committee now had a budget of £62,476 available.




that the updated financial statement of the Central Area Committee be noted.


Reason: To provide an audit trail of funding that has been spent from the Central Area Committee budget