Agenda and minutes

Central Area Committee - Thursday 24th January 2013 7.00 pm

Venue: Holly Lodge Baptist Church Hall, Bramford Lane, IP1 4DF

Contact: Linda Slowgrove  01473 432511

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Bates, Councillor Cann and Councillor Leeder.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 75 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 November 2012.


46.1.     Re: Minute 39.6: Councillor Lockington reported that it was the person who originally set the park up, and not the current owner, who was keen to preserve trees of particular interest.




that, subject to the correction above, the Minutes of the Meeting held on 14 November 2012 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




That the Order of Business be confirmed as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


There were no Declarations of Interest.


To Confirm the Dates and Venues of Future Meetings

Thursday 7 March 2013, 7pm – Reg Driver Visitor Centre, Christchurch Park, IP4 2BX

Tuesday 21 May 2013, 7pm – Alexandra

Thursday 25 July 2013, 7pm – Westgate

Tuesday 1 October 2013, 7pm – St Margaret’s

Tuesday 19 November 2013, 7pm – Alexandra

Thursday 30 January 2014, 7pm – Westgate

Thursday 20 March 2014, 7pm – St Margaret’s



49.1.     The Chair reported that the next meeting would take place on Thursday 7 March 2013 at the Reg Driver Visitor Centre, Christchurch Park, IP4 2BX.




that the dates and times of meetings for 2013/14 be confirmed as:


Tuesday 21 May 2013, 7pm – Alexandra

Thursday 25 July 2013, 7pm – Westgate

Tuesday 1 October 2013, 7pm – St Margaret’s

Tuesday 19 November 2013, 7pm – Alexandra

Thursday 30 January 2014, 7pm – Westgate

Thursday 20 March 2014, 7pm – St Margaret’s


Reason: To ensure the effective administration arrangements for Area Committee business


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues

(a)  Police Priorities


Policing Priorities


50.1.     Councillor Gibbs introduced PC Tony Fisher from the Central Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), who provided the following update on the policing priorities:

Jubilee Play Area Dispersal Order: There have been a couple of incidents since the last meeting (e.g. snowballs being thrown, youngsters being chased off), but nothing on the scale as before.  There is no longer designated policing of this area, but each team does patrol the area when on duty.

London Road: A scrap metal dealer is still operating illegally from a property on this road, despite previous warnings. The Anti-Social Behaviour Network Manager, Andy Solomon, will be considering taking official action to address the situation.

Skateboard Park: Before Christmas, there were a couple of thefts in the area, with phones stolen from bags left on the ground, and a couple of muggings on the tow path.  This area has been patrolled regularly and there have not been any incidents reported to the Police since, however, there are traditionally less problems when the weather is bad.

Street Drinkers:  Although no longer one of the Policing Priorities, this issue is still being addressed by the SNT and the Town Safe team.  Section 27 notices continue to be issued and arrests made when these notices are breached.  The situation has also lessened as a result of street drinkers having gone elsewhere during the bad weather.

50.2.     Councillor Lockington enquired about the increased police activity in Suffolk yesterday.   PC Fisher reported that following on from a number of incidents involving drugs and stolen property, Suffolk Police had been assisting specialist teams with warrants, searches and arrests as part of a clamp down on drug dealers.

50.3.     Local resident: There was recently a robbery reported in Richmond Road via the Neighbourhood Watch – it would have been useful if the update could have indicated which end of the street this related to.  Also, would it be possible to put the location of the incident at the beginning of the message in future.  PC Fisher reported that he would feed this information back to Community Watch & SNT Liaison Officer, Anthea Pipe. 

50.4.     Councillor Crane reported that he had recently been victim to a break-in attempt and although no arrest was made, he was very reassured by the extra patrols and the efficient service provided by the Police.  PC Fisher added that it was important for the Police to keep people updated of the actions taken, even when no arrest has been made, and he would be emphasising this point to the newer Officers on his team.

50.5.     PC Fisher confirmed that the Central SNT was still operating out of the ground floor of the Police Station on Civic Drive, but the rest of the building was now empty.  This building would eventually close and another base for the Central SNT would be located within the town centre.

50.6.     Councillor Gibbs reported that no questions had been received in advance of the meeting, and then invited questions from the floor.

50.7.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 50.


CAC/12/14 Litter and Dog Bin Provision pdf icon PDF 147 KB

Additional documents:


51.1.     Ms Wood (Waste and Environment Performance Team Leader) reported that over 200 bin request forms were received across Ipswich, with 29 for the Central area.  Following evaluation by the Waste Team, 19 requests for bins have been put forward for dual dog/litter bins, at an installation cost of £4,480.

51.2.     Ms Wood reported that some of the requests had been rejected either because they were duplicate requests or due to another bin being located in close proximity.  Ms Wood confirmed that the emptying of these new bins could be accommodated within the existing litter collection rounds.

51.3.     Ms Wood reported that stickers would be put on the bins indicating their dual use and a publicity article would be put in the Angle and Tenants Times.




that the Central Area Committee approve funding of the 19 eligible bin requests + 3 spare bins from its Area Committee budget at a total cost of £4,480.00, and that the Operations Manager Waste Services be authorised to carry out the installations as shown on the map attached at Appendix 2 to the report.


Reason: To ensure that a clear process and funding is in place for the provision of additional bin placements


Area Action Plan Update - Verbal Report


52.1.     Ms Peacock (Community Development Officer) reported that the Area Action Plan mapped out the priorities of the Central Area Committee, and gave the following update on the progress made.

Priority 1 – Develop community relationships and community pride/ownership:
A lot of partnership work has been undertaken with residents and young people in the Jubilee play area, and the implementation of a dispersal order has helped to address the anti-social behaviour previously experienced.  A Samba class and football activities have been run, and there are plans to get a coffee shop established.  More activities are planned for 2013 and there are plans to get a community group up and running.  Providing language services are important for this multi-cultural area and a quarterly newsletter is planned to update local residents on the positive news to date.

Priority 2 – Address fly-tipping, littering and look of green areas:
A mobile ‘skip’ van was trialled in Westgate and fly-tipping was removed from alleyways on Surrey Road and Sirdar Road, with the help of residents. Environmental Services have issued letters to warn that enforcement action may be taken if there was further fly-tipping in these areas.  Councillor French and Councillor Lockington have requested that the mobile skip also be used to clear alleyways in Cemetery Road, Hayhill Road and Suffolk Road.  If there are any other areas where this service could be used, please let Val Peacock know.

Priority 3 – Promote community cohesion and integration:
The Council is improving communications through regular Area Committee meetings and now run a live twitter feed from these meetings.  Webpages will also be set up on the Council’s website to promote community events.

Ms Peacock reported that an updated version of the Area Action Plan would be brought to the next meeting for noting.

52.2.     Councillor Lockington commented that it was only a small part of Westgate that was experiencing community problems, where there was a transient population, and whilst the situation would not be solved overnight, progress had been made.

52.3.     Local resident: When was the last time someone was prosecuted for fly-tipping? 
Ms Wood reported that there had been a recent prosecution, but the Council would usually take a more informal approach, and if the person responsible can be caught, they would be made to pay for the clean-up costs.  This has been a very successful approach to date.

52.4.     Local resident: Most notices are only put up in one language.
Ms Peacock reported that the Council tries to use visual notices where possible, with maybe a few of the more common languages, as some communities can have as many as 17 different languages being spoken. Any issues relating to fly-tipping, graffiti, abandoned cars, dog fouling, littering and needles should be reported to the Cleaner Ipswich hotline on Ipswich 433000.

52.5.     Ms Peacock reported that there had been issues in the Surrey Road/Sirdar Road area with fly-tipping taking place whilst a property was not being rented and incoming tenants being  ...  view the full minutes text for item 52.


Chairman's Update on Actions from Previous Meetings


53.1.     Councillor Jones reported that she had contacted Mr Watson of Suffolk County Council about the cycle path error within his Northern Fringe transport presentation, and would clarify this matter at the next Northern Fringe Community Steering Panel.  Councillor French requested that the map be corrected to reflect this.

53.2.     Councillor Gibbs reported that it was not possible for sharps bins to be requested as part of the dog/litter bin request process, as there were wider community safety implications.  If Councillors were aware of any need for additional sharps bins, they should contact Moira Welham, the Council’s Substance Misuse Development Officer.

53.3.     Councillor Lockington reported that she had met with Sam Pollard (Central Area Supervisor – Parks) and Mr Wilson of the Friends of Christchurch Park regarding the options for cycle path signage within Christchurch Park.  A report has been drafted and will be considered by the Council’s Senior Conservation Officer to ensure that the proposed signage is appropriate in terms of design and location. It is anticipated that a funding bid would be brought to the next Area Committee meeting for this proposal.

53.4.     Councillor French reported that she was waiting for further information from community groups regarding what assistance they would require to set up a community website, but no further progress was expected until later in the year when the groups become more active.

53.5.     Councillor Gibbs gave the following progress updates on funded projects:

Fore Street - Christmas Lights: these have been installed
Christchurch Park lighting: this should be installed by March 2013
Removal of planters: to be completed before the end of March 2013
Removal of benches: to be completed before the end of March 2013
Alexandra Park toilets: painting to commence when the weather improves, most likely in April 2013

Any slippage in these target dates should be reported to the Chairman and escalated as necessary.

53.6.     Councillor Gibbs reported that leaflets were available at the meeting for the upcoming road works in Central Ipswich and details of the Northern Fringe consultation events.  Brochures from the Northern Fringe developers were also available, which provided a summary of the information to be presented at the public exhibitions.  Councillor Jones commented that this was an opportunity for the public to give their views on what they would like to see included in the Master Plan.

53.7.     Councillor Gibbs reported the following response to a resident’s request for speed bumps on Milner Street:

This type of intervention is normally only ever considered where the 85th percentile speed for a 30mph limit exceeds 35mph and where there is a record of personal injury accidents.  Milner Street is only 95 metres in length and therefore it would be virtually impossible for the 85th percentile speed limit to be exceeded and reference to the accident database shows there hasn’t been any personal injury accidents at all in the last 5 years.  Schemes of this sort are very expensive and are usually put down as part of a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 53.


Community Intelligence - Verbal Update from Ward Councillors


54.1.     Councillor French reported that the car wash facility on St Margaret’s Plain had opened before the planning obligations had been met, i.e. the owners were requested that a hoarding be erected and painted in an agreed colour.

54.2.     Councillor French reported that Falcon Street and Dogs Head Street would be closed to vehicles from 4 February 2013 as part of the Travel Ipswich developments, but pedestrian and cycle access would still be permitted.

54.3.     Councillor Jones reported that there had been a planning application submitted for a Co-op funeral parlour on Bramford Road, which had caused concern to nearby residents and issues relating to traffic.  Councillor Jones met with the Co-op and discussed these concerns, and the application has since been withdrawn.

54.4.     Councillor Lockington requested that the Police be aware of the sensitivity of elderly residents when carrying out special operations, as a significant level of police activity can be scary for the more vulnerable members of the community.


CAC/12/15 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 21 KB

Additional documents:


55.1.     Councillor Gibbs reported that at the start of the meeting, the Central Area Committee had an unallocated budget of £37,800 available to support its priorities.  Following the financial commitment of £4,480 arising from the approved funding request, the Central Area Committee now had a budget of £33,320 available.




that the updated financial statement of the Central Area Committee budget be noted.


Reason: To provide an audit trail of funding that has been spent from the Central Area Committee budget