Agenda and minutes

Central Area Committee - Wednesday 31st July 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Christ Church - Langston Hall, Tacket Street, IP4 1AU

Contact: Linda Slowgrove  01473 432511

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Cook.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 99 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 5 June 2019.




that the Minutes of the meeting held on 5 June 2019 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be confirmed as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor Gibbs, whose partner was currently a Trustee for Ipswich Community Media and Learning, declared an interest in Agenda Item 9 (report CAC/19/06) and left the room during the consideration of this item.


To Confirm the Venues of Future Meetings

·                     Wednesday 11 September 2019, 7pm – St Margaret’s Primary School, Bolton Lane, IP4 2BT

·                     Wednesday 20 November 2019, 7pm – Westgate ward

·                     Wednesday 15 January 2020, 7pm – Alexandra ward

·                     Wednesday 11 March 2020, 7pm – St Margaret’s ward




that the meetings and venues be confirmed as follows:


·                Wednesday 11 September 2019, 7pm – St Margaret’s Primary School, Bolton Lane, IP4 2BT

·                Wednesday 20 November 2019, 7pm – Westgate ward

·                Wednesday 15 January 2020, 7pm – Alexandra ward

·                Wednesday 11 March 2020, 7pm – St Margaret’s ward


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues

(a)          Police Priorities


21.1.    The Chair introduced Inspector Richard Burton of the Ipswich Central Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), who provided the following policing updates:

21.2.    Operation Parkland started on 15 July 2019 following public engagement events in June to gather community intelligence, and the SNTs were tasked with patrolling a number of potential hot spot areas, including the former Jubilee Park, Norwich Road, Arras Square, Buttermarket and Christchurch Park; Surrey Road had also been added to this Operation following recent concerns about a large group of young people gathering outside the shop.

21.3.    Cycle thefts in the town centre: As a result of clear CCTV images, a suspect had been arrested and charged with a number of offences, including the theft of 7 pedal cycles; crime prevention was key and the public were encouraged to use sturdy locks on cycles when leaving them unattended.

21.4.    A search warrant was recently executed at premises in Cemetery Road as a result of intelligence passed on by the ward Councillor, and 6 people were arrested for intent to supply class A drugs.

21.5.    PC Dominic Woodmansee, Police Community Engagement Officer, had been tasked with public engagement in the town centre on the Cornhill between 11am and 1pm and with publicity of police activities on social media.

21.6.    Councillor I Lockington commented that it was reassuring for residents to see Police action being taken after reporting information in relation to blatant drug dealing on Cemetery Road, which had been unsettling for local residents.

21.7.    Councillor Kreidewolf reported that in addition to young people gathering outside the shop on Surrey Road, there had also been ASB issues at Cumberland Towers.

21.8.    Local resident:  Following a recent incident in North East Ipswich, could the Police advise how long CCTV footage from organisations or individuals should be retained for Police investigations.
The Police did not have a defined retention period for CCTV footage; whilst many organisations kept footage for 30 days, the Police could not insist on an organisation keeping footage for a particular length of time.

21.9.    Councillor Kreidewolf commented that for some premise licences, conditions were attached to the licence requesting the installation of CCTV and stipulating the retention period for the CCTV footage.
Action: Clarification over CCTV retention to be followed up with the Police Licensing Team and the Council’s Licensing Team.

21.10.Director of ICM: I have seen young people gathering on Surrey Road, some of whom I recognised, and it looked to be friendly; if requested to disperse, where do they go to?
Any action taken would depend on what information was presented to the Police Officer, for example, if a large group was intimidating to residents or an incident had been reported; there would need to be evidence of ASB in order to disperse people.

21.11.Director of ICM: Does Operation Parkland signpost young people?
Yes, Operation Parkland would aim to break up ASB and signpost young people onto more positive activities provided in partnership with other agencies.


Presentation: Ipswich Northern Route Consultation


22.1.    Ms Suzanne Buck, Project Manager for the Ipswich Northern Route, gave a presentation with the following key points:

·           Project would seek to address journey reliability and support ambitions for significant future growth

·           Proposals would seek to relieve traffic on the A14 in general, which was operating close to its capacity, not just when the Orwell Bridge was closed

·           In 2016, Public Sector Leaders Group provided £200k for an initial study, and then a further £550k in 2018 to develop a Strategic Outline Business Case, which would now include scope for the provision of up to 15,000 new homes

·           4 objectives: improve experience of using A14 and provide additional route resilience; support existing local economy through improved connectivity; provide additional travel options to optimise road capacity in Ipswich leading to environmental improvements; support new homes and jobs growth in Suffolk

·           31 options were considered, which resulted in 3 route options to the north of Ipswich

·           Outer route: likely to attract fewer vehicle trips, but would offer an East-West route without passing through Ipswich

·           Middle route: would attract more vehicle trips as an alternative to using A12/A14; however, increased cost as existing A14 junctions did not have capacity 

·           Inner route: would provide greatest benefit as an alternative route to driving through Ipswich, but higher cost due to constraints from existing infrastructure; cost could be reduced if Park and Ride relocated

·           Cost of the 3 routes fell within £500million - £560million, based on 2027 prices

·           Recent declarations of Climate Emergency by SCC and district councils were likely to increase the environmental examination of the proposals

·           10-week public consultation would run up to 13 September 2019, with a variety of public engagement events, and a consultation questionnaire was available for the public to provide their views on the principles of the project

·           Project website, including Q&As, was available at:

22.2.    Councillor Leeder: How do the project objectives, e.g. economic development, environmental improvements, sit within the business case; are some objectives considered more important than others?
The objectives were currently given equal weight, but this could change going forward, for example, if growth was to be given a higher priority.

22.3.    Councillor Leeder: Would a preferred option be recommended in the Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) or later?
The SOBC would be presented to the Public Sector Leaders Board, together with the consultation report, for consideration; the SOBC would not be making a recommendation on whether or not to proceed, but would provide an outline of the potential benefits and issues relating to the 3 routes.

22.4.    Councillor Holmes: Will the new route be a bypass/relief road or a strategic road? The outer route could be considered as a strategic road as it would complete the ring with the lower road.
The road would be a strategic road as it would be for all users, including cyclists and pedestrians; the term ‘bypass’ has gone out of favour these days.

22.5.    Councillor Holmes:  In the highways modelling data published in January, it stated  ...  view the full minutes text for item 22.


CAC/19/05 Funding Request: Black History Month Celebration Event pdf icon PDF 298 KB


23.1.    Mr Turnbull, Community Engagement Officer, reported that £169.70 was requested by the Ipswich African & Caribbean Cultural Development Association (IACCDA) towards the funding of a black history month celebration event.

23.2.    Mr Cedric McSheen, Chairman of IACCDA, commented that following the 2017 event being held at the Meeting Place in Whitehouse, the event moved to the town centre in 2018, which improved attendance levels, especially by young people.  This year, the event would be held at the Manor Ballroom on 19 October 2019 and would provide a platform to showcase local talent, with workshops, e.g. Salsa dancing, Steel Band, plus stalls offering arts and crafts, food and activities for young people; additionally, there would be an opportunity to see how to set up your own business.



that the Central Area Committee approve funding of £169.70 from the Central Area Committee budget to the Ipswich African & Caribbean Cultural Development Association as a contribution towards the Black History Month celebration event.


Reason: The Ipswich African & Caribbean Cultural Development Association’s celebration event, as part of Black History Month, would promote the values of inclusivity and provide cultural nourishment to the African & Caribbean community within Ipswich.


CAC/19/06 Funding Request: Norwich Road Carnival pdf icon PDF 627 KB


24.1.    In the absence of the Chair, Councillor Leeder was elected as Chair for the duration of this item.

24.2.    Mr Turnbull reported that £4,500 was requested by Ipswich Community Media (ICM) to enable the delivery of the ‘Norwich Road Carnival’.

24.3.    Ms Cad Taylor, Director of ICM, commented that Norwich Road was one of the most culturally diverse roads in Ipswich and the proposed carnival would enable people to get together and celebrate this street. Building on the success of the Jubilee Park roadshow last April, this event would showcase local talent and art whilst linking in with local schools and churches.  ICM have previously worked with the Council’s events team at Global Rhythms and May Day festivals.  The carnival would be held on Barrack Corner, with surgeries from 2 doctors and a dentist, and toilets and refreshments would be provided at the Elim Church.  The event would be held on 31 August 2019 during the daytime, with many organisations involved.

24.4.    Councillor Holmes commented that it was not clear how this project met the funding objectives and how outcomes would be measured.  Councillor Holmes also noted that the event was only 4 weeks away and asked whether commitments had been made. Councillor Holmes highlighted the minimal level of match funding and asked whether funding would be requested again next year.
Ms Taylor reported that ICM had run regular pop up events in this location.  This was intended to be a one-off funding request as ICM were speaking to the Arts Council for potential funding next year, with this being the pilot project.  Everything was in place for this event in terms of the organisations involved.  The project would align with the Council’s aims of community cohesion and ICM had a strong background of running community events.

24.5.    Councillor Holmes asked about the closure of the highway and the current position with Suffolk Highways for permission to use the Barrack Corner location and noted that South Street had been the original location requested for this event.
Ms Taylor commented that no path would be blocked or road closed, but the same process had to be followed with Suffolk Highways.

24.6.    The Chair highlighted that, as per options 1 and 2, any allocation of funding would be subject to Suffolk Highways’ approval to use the proposed location.

24.7.    Councillor I Lockington commented that there was likely to be lots of children at the event and asked how they would be kept safe on the pavement as Barrack Corner was a busy road for cars.
Ms Taylor reported that there were a lot of people involved with running the event and that this location was often used by other organisations, e.g. Police, NHS, with stalls on the pavement; this area was also in use when people attended the church.  Additionally, the Elim Church was on board and stalls, activities and refreshments would be provided in the church.  There were a lot of people involved who would be able to manage the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 24.


CAC/19/07 Spending Proposal: Wellesley Road Alley Gate pdf icon PDF 244 KB


25.1.    The Chair reported that £1,423 was requested from the previously allocated Alley Gate Fund for the installation of an alley gate on Wellesley Road.

25.2.    Councillor Leeder reported that the Alexandra ward Councillors had received a range of casework over a number of years relating to fly-tipping and ASB in the alley way running behind the even-numbered houses on Tennyson Road.  When the residents were recently consulted, there was 100% support for the installation of an alley gate on Wellesley Road at the entrance to the alleyway.  Although the proposed alley gate did not meet with the new policy, this was considered to be a legacy case.

25.3.    Councillor Holmes questioned whether this was a legacy issue as the budget for alley gates had been set up in January 2018 with its use subject to meeting the criteria of the new alley gate policy.

25.4.    Councillor Jones commented that the issues had been discussed with residents long before the adoption of the new policy and the installation of the alley gate needed the agreement of all who had access to the alleyway.  Councillor Jones asked whether the remainder of the Alley Gate Fund could be used for other purposes.  Mr Fairclough, Head of Culture and Environment, reported that the Area Committee could consider if it wished to return the unused funding to the main unallocated budget.

25.5.    County Councillor Gaylard commented that the IBC ward Councillors had worked hard to progress this matter on behalf of local residents.

25.6.    Councillor Riley commented that, whilst she did not normally advocate the use of alley gates, this particular case was different due to the railway line running adjacent to the alleyway and the road being part of a route to the local school.



that the Central Area Committee approve funding of £1,423 from the Central Area Committee Alley Gate Fund for the installation of an alley gate on Wellesley Road at the entrance of the alleyway running behind the even-numbered properties on Tennyson Road.


Reason: The installation of an alley gate would reduce the instances of anti-social behaviour in the area and improve the quality of life for residents.


Chair's Update on Actions from Previous Meetings


26.1.    St Stephen’s Church Lane cleansing regime:
The following update had been provided by the Council’s Waste and Cleansing Team:


There had been an issue with access during some pavement repairs/roadworks. The equipment required to run the pressure washer could not be positioned close enough to allow the area to be cleaned, and disinfectant alone had not removed the odour. This had led to complaints from the Conservative Club.


Following up on complaints, of which many were following a committee meeting at the Conservative Club, and once the roadworks and access restrictions were lifted, the remedial works were completed.


Once the area was fully accessible, a full clean and disinfection of the area was undertaken.  The area now received a routine clean on Mondays and at the weekend, and the area was sprayed with disinfectant in the mornings.


The Conservative Club were consulted on the actions taken and they provided positive feedback and no further issues have been raised in relation to the site.


26.2.    Woodbridge Road 20mph scheme:
County Councillor Gaylard reported that the formal consultation on the Traffic Regulation Order would take place in August/September 2019 and subject to the responses being favourable, the scheme could potentially start next year.  Whilst the Councillor’s highways locality budget had been reduced by £4,600, County Councillor Gaylard had managed to obtain the shortfall in funding from other County Councillors.

26.3.    St Helen’s Street Corridor/Kings Avenue improvements:
The following update had been provided by County Councillor West, who was unable to attend:
A meeting has been arranged for 12 September 2019 where local residents could meet with the engineers about the proposals.  Local Councillors had been informed and letters had been sent out.


Community Intelligence - Verbal Update from Ward Councillors


27.1.    County Councillor Gaylard reported that a report had been considered by SCC Cabinet on 16 July 2019 about Children’s Centres in Suffolk and there would be a public consultation on the proposals for family hubs.  As part of the proposals, the Chatterbox Children’s Centre in North Ipswich was proposed to be closed and 2 other centres in Ipswich made into part-time family hubs, with more emphasis on outreach work.

27.2.    Councillor I Lockington reported that the Wellington Children’s Centre was not due to close, but the proposals could affect other areas, for example, there was no indication of how the many young families on the Ipswich Waterfront would be able to access Children Centre services.

27.3.    Councillor Gibbs announced that the former Jubilee Park had been re-opened last Friday as ‘Maple Park’.


CAC/19/08 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 52 KB

Additional documents:


28.1.    Mr Fairclough reported that at the start of the meeting the Central Area Committee had an unallocated budget of £15,933.75 available to spend on its priorities.

28.2.    Following the financial commitment of £1,169.70 arising from the approved funding requests, the unallocated Central Area Committee budget was now £14,764.05.



that the financial statement in Appendix 1 of the report be noted.


Reason: To provide clear and transparent details of the amount of funds available to the Area Committee to deliver the priorities in its Action Plan.