Agenda and minutes

Central Area Committee - Wednesday 9th November 2016 7.00 pm

Venue: Reg Driver Visitor Centre, Christchurch Park, IP4 2BX

Contact: Linda Slowgrove  01473 432511

Note: Use Bolton Lane entrance and access the Reg Driver Visitor Centre from the rear of the building 

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Cook, Councillor Riley and County Councillor Rudkin.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 114 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 September 2016.




that the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 September 2016 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be confirmed as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor Lockington, having allocated SCC locality funding towards the Christchurch Park Sundial Restoration project, declared an interest in Item 9 (report CAC/16/11).


To Confirm the Venues of Future Meetings

·         Wednesday 11 January 2017, 7pm – Museum Street Methodist Church, Black Horse Lane, IP1 2EF – enter via Black Horse Lane

·         Wednesday 8 March 2017, 7pm – Bramford Road Methodist Church Hall, Bramford Road, IP1 4AY




that the meetings and venues be confirmed as follows:


·         Wednesday 11 January 2017, 7pm – Museum Street Methodist Church, Black Horse Lane, IP1 2EF (enter via Black Horse Lane)

·         Wednesday 8 March 2017, 7pm – Bramford Road Methodist Church Hall, Bramford Road, IP1 4AY (entrance at the back of the church)


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues

(a)          Police Priorities


Police Priorities


45.1.     The Chairman introduced Inspector Donohue of the Ipswich Central Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), who provided the following update on priorities:

Drug-related anti-social behaviour (ASB) and associated quality of life issues in Alexandra ward and Christchurch Park:  Police intelligence from the call centre, together with drug paraphernalia data from the Council, have helped to map the ASB hot spots, e.g. McDonalds in the town centre, and resources have been targeted to those areas.  Community intelligence was being encouraged via the ‘Rat on a rat’ drugs campaign, and people could either email information to the SNT ( or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously (0800 555 111 or

ASB associated with street drinking/rough sleeping: The number of alcohol seizures had reduced significantly from 73 in August to just 25 in October; however, this may be because the problem has been displaced elsewhere. A Community Protection Notice (CPN) had been served on a shop on Fore Street to stop the sale of super strength lager.  4 CPNs had been served on 2 individuals in relation to ASB on the steps of the Custom House on the Waterfront and a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) had been served in relation to rough sleeping and shoplifting offences.

Town Centre retail theft: One shoplifter had been charged for 5 offences, with a further 39 TIC offences, and had been sentenced to 32 weeks in prison.  A youth had been served with a CBO and was now banned from the Westgate ward, and the case for a CBO was being built for another individual in that area.  Police across the 3 Ipswich SNTs were running a ‘Safer Christmas’ campaign in relation to shoplifting, utilising both uniformed and plain clothes Officers.

45.2.     Local resident: What is meant by TIC?
TIC stands for ‘taken into consideration’, i.e. offences in addition to those charged for that could be taken into consideration when determining the sentence.

45.3.     Councillor Leeder: When were the CPNs issued on the Waterfront?
The CPNs were issued within the last week on 2 individuals.  If these notices were breached, then the police could apply for a CBO to curtail their behaviour in this area.

45.4.     Councillor Lockington: How do you monitor where individuals go when they have been banned from a particular area?
When issues get displaced, operations would be adjusted accordingly.  If a CBO was in place, then the individual could be arrested for re-entering the banned area.


Presentation: Suffolk County Council Budget Proposals


46.1.     County Councillor Noble, Leader of Suffolk County Council, and Mr Dobson, Director of Resource Management, gave a presentation on Suffolk County Council’s budget proposals for 2017/18 with the following key points:

·           Priorities: support the most vulnerable in the community, raise educational attainment and skills, support economic growth, develop Suffolk’s infrastructure and maintain roads and empower local communities

·           Savings: Over £200million have been saved over the last 6 years, despite a 0% Council tax increase, and similar levels of savings were required to be delivered up to 2020

·           Current budget spend was £492million, including the statutory adult care services (£208million) and children services (£81.2million)

·           Revenue Support Grant from the Government, currently £68.2milllion, would be reduced to £16million by 2019/20

·           Proposed savings by area:

-       Supporting Lives Connecting Communities (SLCC) – £6million

-       Making Every Intervention Count (MEIC) - £1.4million

-       Travel - £1.3million

-       Highways Contract - £2.1million

-       Public Protection Organisation Design - £1.2million

-       Waste - £1million

-       Support Services - £3.5million

-       Other Savings - £14.9million

·           Budget timetable:

-       Autumn Statement from Government – 23 November 2016

-       Scrutiny of SCC Budget – 30 November 2016

-       Provisional Grant Settlement from Government – December 2016

-       Consideration of Budget by SCC Cabinet – 24 January 2017

-       Consideration of Budget by SCC Council – 9 February 2017

46.2.     Councillor Leeder: The proposed savings from SLCC depend on contract savings, but can contractors bear further savings? Could the costs of setting up interventions be borne from Health Services?
Communication was key, especially understanding the needs of the community.  The Suffolk Care contract has been repackaged into 31 lots to prevent service providers from cherry picking certain parts of the service. A lot of services were being commissioned from the voluntary sector, e.g. SCC employs over 100 people from Age UK Suffolk whereas other authorities only employ a small number from Age UK.  As savings also needed to be delivered in the NHS, SCC would look at how services could be delivered over the next 5 years and how to better integrate health and social care services.

46.3.     Councillor Jones:  With regard to the Ipswich Garden Suburb development, it is important that there is early and sustained collaboration between Ipswich Borough Council and SCC Highways when the major planning applications come forward.  Similarly, there needs to be early collaboration about signage for the new Crown Street car park. There have been many months of little progress in the request for a 20mph zone for Anglesea Road area. As Suffolk aspires to be the Greenest County, the retention of the Park and Ride service is important to help ease congestion in the town centre.

46.4.     Local resident:  One idea for the provision of care for the elderly could be to provide appropriate training and proper monitoring to enable a family member to provide the care within the home, with a fee for the nominated carer.  This would help to alleviate the pressure on hospital beds where elderly people were  ...  view the full minutes text for item 46.


Presentation: Suffolk Trading Standards


47.1.     Ms Crisp and Mr Farthing of Suffolk Trading Standards (STS) gave a presentation with the following key points:

·           STS were part of the SCC Public Health and Protection Directorate

·           Their role was to protect consumers and traders in Suffolk by:

-       Enforcing government legislation

-       Offering advice to consumers

-       Providing advice and inspections for businesses

-       Investigating offences and prosecuting offenders

·           Areas of work include:

-       Age restricted sales, illegal tobacco

-       Weights and measures – pubs, petrol stations

-       Fair trading – doorstep trading, scams, no cold calling zones

-       Consumer product safety

-       Food standards – labelling and composition

-       Intellectual property, counterfeit goods

·           Scammers often worked from lists sold on from consumer surveys, targeting particular demographic groups

·           Mail scams were dealt with by National Trading Standards Scams Team; other forms of scams included telephone scams, online scams and doorstep scams

·           Scam mail and associated products have been removed from victims and call blocking devices have been installed for the most vulnerable

·           The Consumer Champion Network helps to educate and empower residents about their consumer rights and alert them of scams and rogue traders (for more information see:

·           For more information, contact Suffolk Trading Standards on Ipswich 264859, Twitter: @SuffolkTS,  Facebook: or to register a consumer complaint, contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline: 03454 040506


47.2.     Councillor Holmes: Is STS putting any pressure on Royal Mail to stop bulk posted scams?
There were legal issues around interfering with the Royal Mail and there would have to be a high degree of evidence to be able to do this; mail scams were usually dealt with on a national level.

47.3.     County Councillor Adams:  My mother lives in a no cold calling zone (NCCZ), which aims to protect residents by preventing traders calling at their homes, but this is only set up in some parts of Suffolk.
Some authorities have implemented a blanket NCCZ countywide, but this was not always as effective.  Suffolk has taken a more proportional approach and NCCZs were only set up to protect the more vulnerable residents.  However, individual stickers could be requested. If there have been unsolicited doorstep calling taking place outside out a NCCZ, then residents should report this to the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline to help evidence any further NCCZs.


CAC/16/11 Funding Request: Christchurch Park Sundial pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Additional documents:


48.1.     Ms Firbank, Community Engagement Officer, reported that £500 had been requested as a donation towards the restoration of the sundial in Christchurch Park.

48.2.     Mr Bell of the Friends of Christchurch Park highlighted the various activities arranged by the Friends and their contribution towards the outdoor table tennis facility and commemorative tree planting in the park.  A colleague from the Ipswich Museum had highlighted that the armillary sundial was in need of repair and the Friends decided to dedicate its restoration to Dr John Blatchly, who passed away last year. Mr Bell detailed the funding that had already been obtained towards this project and it was hoped that the restored sundial would be installed in the Butterfly Garden by the end of the year.  Additionally, there would be a booklet produced to educate people about its use and history and the contribution made by Dr Blatchly.



that the Central Area Committee approve funding of a £500 contribution from the Central Area Committee budget to the Friends of Christchurch Park towards the restoration of the armillary sphere sundial in Christchurch Park.


Reason: To support the Friends of Christchurch Park to restore the armillary sphere in Christchurch Park to preserve local heritage, celebrate local history and at the same time commemorate a valued community member


CAC/16/12 Funding Request: Installation of Litter Bins on Museum Street pdf icon PDF 4 MB


49.1.     Mr Fairclough, Head of Culture and Environment Services, reported that £2,900 had been requested for the installation of 2 litter bins on Museum Street beside the bus stops, where there was often an accumulation of litter.  As there was insufficient space to install floor-mounted bins, the bins would need to be pole-mounted.  Unfortunately, existing poles could not be used as they supported the bus timetable and display screens, so new poles would be required for the installation.

49.2.     County Councillor Gaylard: Where will the new poles be located?
The poles would be located close to the buildings, but scans would need to be undertaken to avoid any disruption to existing underground pipes and cabling.

49.3.     Councillor Holmes: Why was funding not requested from the Town Centre budget?
Littering was a big problem in the town centre.  This request was brought to the Area Committee at the request of Councillor Cook, ward Councillor for Alexandra.



that the Central Area Committee approves funding of £2,900 for the purchase and installation, beside the stops on Museum Street, of 2 litter bins from its Area Committee budget at a maximum cost of £2,900.


Reason: To support a reduction in litter in Museum Street, improving the appearance of the area and complying with the Council’s legal duty under Section 89 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990


Chairman's Update on Actions from Previous Meetings


50.1.     Little Bramford Lane petition: 
Councillor Lockington commented that there were 2 locations where there was different signage (Portman Road, Handford Road) and this was because cyclists were kept separated from motorists.  Councillor Lockington added that she had not been able to persuade SCC to change the sign at the end of Little Bramford Lane.
Councillor Jones reported Inspector Donohue had written to request that the signage be changed.
Action:  The Chairman to write to SCC on behalf of the Area Committee highlighting the request from the Police for the signage to be changed and copy in County Councillor Noble.

50.2.     The Chairman reported that there had been no increase in the reporting of anti-social behaviour in the Little Bramford Lane area that would warrant an application for a CCTV camera in this location.

50.3.     The Chairman reported that costs for the works to re-design the Beaufort Street area, which would include the relocation of the needle bin from Little Bramford Lane, had been confirmed and that the works would be funded in total from the Council’s Community Safety budget.

50.4.     Litter issue on Clarkson Street:
The Chairman reported that 2 additional litter bins had been installed on Clarkson Street this week.  Mr Fairclough added that the cost of installing new litter bins was not large, but the associated emptying of the bins would need to be borne in mind.  However, if there were any areas where littering was a problem, then please contact Waste Services on Ipswich 433000.

50.5.     The Chairman reported that Turning Point would be attending the January meeting to give an update on their work to address drug and substance misuse issues.

50.6.     Project updates:
The Chairman reported that the slideshow prior to the meeting was the outcomes from the PhotoEast project that was part-funded by the Area Committee.
Alison Smyth from the Oyster Community Press gave a brief update on the ‘Eye for Ipswich’ project, with the following key points:

·           24 people, originating from 13 different countries, participated in this community print making project, which was held in the Ipswich Furniture Project shop on St Matthews Street

·           The project was launched during National Refugee Week and the age range of participants was 18 - 80

·           A questionnaire was done to ascertain the benefits of the project – all participants learnt more about Ipswich and what it meant to be part of Ipswich, as well as interacting with people of differing nationalities

·           The resulting exhibition was displayed in the County Library and then at Suffolk One

·           140 people were involved across the project and it received 60,000 hits on social media

·           Oyster Community Press have submitted an application to the National Campaign for the Arts ‘Hearts for the Arts’ awards in respect of the Area Committee and SCC contribution to this project

50.7.     Consultations:
The Chairman reported that the Council had drafted a new Housing Strategy, which was due to be consulted on in 2017. 
Additionally, the consultation period for the Post-Submission Main  ...  view the full minutes text for item 50.


Community Intelligence - Verbal Update from Ward Councillors


51.1.     Councillor Leeder reported that he had held Street Surgeries in Woodville Road, Darwin Road, St Johns Road and on the Waterfront, which had highlighted issues of potholes and parking.  Additionally, there was a litter issue on the triangular piece of land on the corner of Stoke Bridge and Grafton Way.

51.2.     Councillor Reynolds reported that there had been an issue with rats by the flats on Park Road.

51.3.     Councillor Lockington reported that she had passed on intelligence in relation to drug related activities in St Margaret’s ward.

51.4.     County Councillor Gaylard reported that restaurants and cafés could now sign up to Suffolk’s Healthier Food award – ‘Eat Out, Eat Well’ – further details could be found at:


CAC/16/13 Area Committee Budget Update pdf icon PDF 56 KB

Additional documents:


52.1.     Mr Fairclough reported that at the start of the meeting the Central Area Committee had an unallocated budget of £41,999.78 available to support its priorities.

52.2.     Following the financial commitment of £3,400 arising from approved funding requests, the Central Area Committee now had a budget of £38,599.78 available.

52.3.     The Chairman reported that partner agencies had advised that due to the reduction in ASB levels, the deployment of a CCTV camera at Black Horse Lane was no longer a priority; however, there had been an increase in ASB at St Clements Church and partners were now considering the installation of a camera at this location. The Chairman proposed that the £400 of funding previously allocated for the installation of a CCTV camera at Black Horse Lane be utilised for the deployment of a CCTV camera at St Clements Church and this was agreed.



(i)           that the financial statement of the Central Area Committee in Appendix 1 to the report be noted;

(ii)          that the £400 of funding previously allocated for the deployment of a CCTV camera at Black Horse Lane be reallocated for the deployment of a CCTV camera at St Clements Church, subject to the usual CCTV deployment application process.


Reason: To provide an audit trail of funding that has been spent from the Central Area Committee budget