Agenda and minutes

Central Area Committee - Wednesday 11th March 2015 6.30 pm

Venue: Bramford Road Methodist Church, Bramford Road, IP1 4AY

Contact: Linda Slowgrove  01473 432511

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Cann, Councillor Leeder, County Councillor Gaylard and County Councillor Rudkin.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 67 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 January 2015.




that the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 January 2015 be signed as a true record.


To Confirm or Vary the Order of Business




that the Order of Business be confirmed as printed on the Agenda.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


To Confirm the Venues of Future Meetings

Thursday 11 June 2015, 7pm – Reg Driver Visitor Centre, Christchurch Park, IP4 2BX

Thursday 30 July 2015, 7pm – Alexandra ward

Thursday 24 September 2015, 7pm – Westgate ward

Thursday 19 November 2015, 6.30pm – Reg Driver Visitor Centre, Christchurch Park, IP4 2BX

Thursday 28 January 2016, 6.30pm – Alexandra ward

Thursday 24 March 2016, 6.30pm – Westgate ward


The Chairman reported that the meeting scheduled for 30 July 2015 would be taking place at Ipswich Library on Northgate Street (entry would be via the Old Foundry Road entrance).




that the meetings and venues be confirmed as follows:


·         Thursday 11 June 2015, 7pm – Reg Driver Visitor Centre, Christchurch Park, IP4 2BX

·         Thursday 30 July 2015, 7pm – Ipswich Library, Northgate Street, IP1 3DE

·         Thursday 24 September 2015, 7pm – Westgate ward

·         Thursday 19 November 2015, 6.30pm – Reg Driver Visitor Centre, Christchurch Park, IP4 2BX

·         Thursday 28 January 2016, 6.30pm – Alexandra ward

·         Thursday 24 March 2016, 6.30pm – Westgate ward


Responses to Public Questions Received and Open Discussion on Local Issues

(a)          Police Priorities


Policing Priorities


61.1.     The Chair introduced PC Gavin Bevan of the Central Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), who provided the following update on priorities:

Tackling anti-social behaviour in the town centre: This priority was being addressed through an ongoing operation led by PC Shane Hughes and Sergeant Neil McKay to tackle begging and street drinking issues in partnership with the Chapman Centre and other agencies.

Bicycle theft in Ipswich: Councillor Lockington has provided SCC locality funding in support of this priority, and the Police have been stopping cyclists for riding at night without lights and cycling on pavements. A group of youths had recently been caught stealing bicycles.

Tackling anti-social behaviour in Jubilee Park: Sergeant John Murray has been leading on this priority and the installation of CCTV cameras was being considered in conjunction with the Council.

61.2.     Local resident: Anglesea Road is a long, straight road that many vehicles speed along. Are there any plans to address this issue?
Unfortunately, the current road works on key routes in the neighbouring area, with diversions and temporary crossings, were exacerbating this problem, and Police resources were limited, but Anglesea Road would be put forward for assessment.

61.3.     Local resident:  What is the process for putting roads forward for assessment?
Speeding concerns could be raised with local ward Councillors.  Community Speed Watch was another way for members of the public to get involved in addressing speeding concerns.  Henley Road and Tuddenham Road were being monitored on a regular basis.

61.4.     Councillor Jones: Speeding has long been a concern to residents on Anglesea Road especially as there was a fatality a few years ago near Orford Road.  Residents could petition Suffolk County Council to request traffic-calming measures on this road, but this would require evidence of speeding and recorded incidents from the Police.

61.5.     Councillor Lockington: Community Speed Watch was looking for volunteers to come forward and get involved in this scheme; the speed gun equipment was already available and volunteers would be given training. There was an another accident on Anglesea Road near Warrington Road; I have looked at this junction to see if the layout could be improved, but one accident might not be enough to trigger improvements in this location.
Action: Councillor Lockington to raise speeding concerns on Anglesea Road with Suffolk County Council.

61.6.     Councillor Cook: Two of my colleagues had their bicycles stolen after the recent Council meeting in the Corn Exchange, despite the bicycles being locked, and another stolen bicycle was dumped nearby.
The Police would continue to address this issue as it was important that people should not be discouraged from making cycling their main mode of transport.

61.7.     The Chair confirmed that no questions had been received in advance of the meeting and invited questions from the floor.

61.8.     Local resident: I attended the previous meeting, where I made a request for an audit of radiation emissions from the Tuddenham Road phone mast, and would like to know how close a school needs to be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 61.


CAC/14/18 Funding Request: St Margaret's Toddler Group pdf icon PDF 23 KB

Additional documents:


62.1.     Mr Farrer (Customer Services Operations Manager) reported that £1,000 had been requested to support the activities of the St Margaret’s Toddler Group.

62.2.     Ms Cox reported that the Toddler Group had been in existence for over 10 years and provided support to local mothers whilst helping to prepare young children for the transition onto school. The Group were aiming to revamp their facilities, e.g. toys, furniture, baby and toddler play areas. The Group had increased its charge from £1 to £1.50 per family, but this had affected attendance as some families were on low incomes, and it was necessary to have a minimum of 15 families in attendance in order to cover hire costs of the Garrett Memorial Hall at the Church Centre. The Group was not affiliated to the Church and did not receive any other forms of funding.

62.3.     Councillor French asked about the catchment area for this Group and how the Group was advertised.  Ms Cox reported that the Group was setting up a new register, but did have families attend from the town centre as well as from the St Margaret’s area. Ms Cox added that the Group did not advertise formally, but through Facebook and social media, plus a flyer in the window of the Hall.  Councillor Riley added that another opportunity for publicity could be via local Brownie and Rainbow Groups.

62.4.     Councillor Lockington reported that SCC locality funding could be sought for one-off expenditure, e.g. equipment, but not for ongoing revenue.



that the Central Area Committee approves funding of £1,000 from the Central Area Committee budget to support the activities of the St Margaret’s Toddler Group.

Reason: To create an opportunity for babies, toddlers and pre-school children to build early social development skills as an aid to making the transition onto school, and provide support to those with young children.


CAC/14/19 Funding Request: Broomhill Park Bench pdf icon PDF 23 KB

Additional documents:


63.1.     Mr Mole reported that £180 had been requested for the renovation of a World War II bench that had been uncovered in Broomhill Park. Mr Mole added that the Parks and Open Spaces Team were supportive of all the work being done in the park by the Westbourne Library Friends.

63.2.     Mr Jones reported that the Friends had been working with Suffolk Community Payback since October 2014 and had cleared more than 5 tons of rubbish from the park.  During these works, a World War II bench and a Victorian pond had been discovered on the estate, and the Friends were working with Parks and Open Spaces and Councillor Lockington to restore these features.

63.3.     Councillor French asked whether the movement of the spring in the park was causing problems in front of the Broomhill Lido. Mr Mole reported that this issue was caused by a blocked drain and this was being addressed by Anglian Water.



that the Central Area Committee approves funding of £180 from the Central Area Committee budget for the renovation of a Second World War bench in Broomhill Park.


Reason: To enable the local community to bring a neglected park bench back into use as an asset of Broomhill Park and encourage greater use of the park.


CAC/14/20 Funding Request: CCTV Cameras in Westgate Ward pdf icon PDF 24 KB

Additional documents:


64.1.     Mr Farrer reported that £2,500 had been requested to install 2 temporary CCTV cameras within the Westgate ward and referred to the anti-social behaviour issues and challenges faced by the Police.  Mr Farrer added that an application for the deployment of CCTV cameras had been made in accordance with the relevant legislation, and the use of these cameras would be reviewed after 6 months to determine whether further cameras would be beneficial.

64.2.     Councillor Jones added that the CCTV cameras would be able to provide evidence to enable the Police to identify and charge those perpetrators responsible for the criminal behaviour in parts of Westgate.

64.3.     In response to Councillor French, Mr Farrer confirmed that the purpose of this funding was for the installation/removal and operational costs of two mobile CCTV cameras on a trial basis, the cameras would remain the property of Community Protection.

64.4.     Councillor Lockington commented that it might be worth considering purchasing a mobile CCTV camera that could be deployed at any trouble spot within Central Ipswich in the future.



that the Central Area Committee approves funding of £2,500 from the Central Area Committee budget for temporary CCTV cameras in Westgate ward on a trial basis.


Reason: To trial CCTV cameras situated in key areas to help tackle and deter anti-social behaviour and examine, if successful, whether there is a need for further cameras to be added at a later date.


CAC/14/21 Area Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 21 KB

Additional documents:


65.1.     Mr Mole reported that the Central Area Action Plan had been updated to reflect the progress made against its priorities during the year. Mr Mole added that details of the Easter holiday activities for young people would be circulated shortly and advertised on the Council’s website.

65.2.     Councillor Jones requested that this information be emailed out to schools for onward publicity in school newsletters. Councillor Cook questioned whether A5 flyers would be better.
Action: Mr Mole to circulate details of the planned promotion of the Easter holiday activities to Committee members.

65.3.     The Chairman acknowledged the efforts of ward Councillors and Officers in progressing the Upper Orwell Street improvements despite a number of hurdles.  Mr Mole added that the Council’s Landscapes Team were overseeing the project planting.

65.4.     Councillor French commented that the prevention of fly-tipping was difficult to address in terms of prevention, especially in those areas where the population was transient in nature, and highlighted the need for greater education, in particular for new residents.

65.5.     Councillor Kreidewolf reported that the Council had increased the budget for Environmental Health to enable this section to enforce their procedures. Mr Mole added that the Council was working with the Suffolk Fly-Tipping Action Group as part of a countywide initiative involving waste collection, licensing and waste enforcement resources to address issues such as unlicensed waste carriers.

65.6.     Councillor Jones reported that another approach to tackling fly-tipping resulting from changes in tenancy was to work with landlords to encourage them to enact tenants’ responsibilities and check that premises were cleared before any new tenants move in.



that the updated Central Area Action Plan, attached at Appendix 1 to the report, be noted.

Reason: Developing priorities to provide the basis of an action plan will enable the Area Committee to clearly communicate its vision and priorities for the area and will help demonstrate how its budget is being allocated to deliver the priorities set for the area.


Chairman's Update on Actions from Previous Meetings


66.1.     New Wolsey Theatre ‘When I Grow Up’ Project: The Chairman reported that following the cancellation of this event by Springfield Junior School, the only other school within the Central Ipswich area electing to receive this production was St Margaret’s Primary School, and Councillor Lockington had already provided SCC locality funding for this purpose.  The Chairman proposed that the £132 of funding be returned to the Central Area Committee budget and this was agreed.


that £132 of funding previously allocated to the New Wolsey Theatre ‘When I Grow Up’ project (report reference CAC/14/15) be returned to the Central Area Committee budget.

Reason: No other school wishing to receive this production fell within the Central Ipswich area

66.2.     Broomhill Pool Update:  Mr Mole reported that following the presentation at a previous Area Committee, a range of public consultation events were held by Fusion Lifestyle to gauge public support for the restoration/re-opening of Broomhill Pool and associated facilities.  3,300 consultation responses were received, a quarter of which were from residents within the immediate postcode vicinity.  95% of respondents were in favour of the scheme and 92% of respondents would seek to use the restored facilities.  Issued raised included car parking, accessibility, traffic control and affordability, and these issues would be considered in the development stage and would also need to be addressed as part of any planning application, e.g. would need to demonstrate a sustainable travel plan.  The aim was to submit a Stage 1 application to the Heritage Lottery Fund in late Spring/early Summer 2015, and this would include facility designs, capital costings and broad proposals.  

66.3.     The Albany Footpath Improvements:  Mr Mole reported that these works were now complete; some additional material had been put down to address a boggy area near the path after this had been reported and an inspection undertaken by the Area Supervisor.


Community Intelligence - Verbal Update from Ward Councillors


67.1.     Councillor Cook reported that he had been chasing Suffolk County Council for an update in respect of the new street lighting on St Helens Street, which had still not been connected up, but no update had been received as yet.

67.2.     Councillor Jones reported that there had been approximately 1,000 responses to the public consultation on the Local Plan: Core Strategic Review and Site Allocations. Councillor Jones reported that the Meredith Children’s Centre would be closing, with services merging with those at the Wellington Children’s Centre on Chevallier Street.

67.3.     Councillor Kreidewolf reported that a consultation event for the Ipswich Arts & Museum project (I-AM) had been held for residents in the neighbouring High Street and St Georges Street area. Many were supportive of the plans for the Ipswich Museum complex, but concerns were raised about access for additional visitors and lighting in the immediate area.  The Chairman added that an interactive video was available on the Council’s website ( and on the Council’s Facebook page ( that allowed the viewer to take a virtual tour around the venues; there was also a facility for the public to provide their feedback on the proposals.

67.4.     Councillor Lockington commented that there had been issues with car crime and burglaries in some parts of St Margaret’s ward.  Councillor Lockington reported that she had contacted the Head of Development & Public Protection about the need for better cleaning of the Crown Street Car Park, especially as this was one of the first impressions for visitors coming to Ipswich.  Councillor Lockington also reported that there had been some drug-related issues in the area near Blanche Street.

67.5.     Councillor French commended the input provided on the Local Plan consultation by local groups, Save our Country Spaces (SOCS) and Northern Fringe Protection Group (NFPG), who had outlined their concerns and made it easier for people to understand the issues, and in doing so, encouraged more people to reply to the consultation.


CAC/14/22 Area Committee Budget Update & Community Dashboard pdf icon PDF 24 KB

Additional documents:


68.1.     The Chair reported that at the start of the meeting, the Central Area Committee had an unallocated budget of £26,890 available to support its priorities.

68.2.     Councillor Cook highlighted that Christ Church had returned £309 of the original £540 ‘Holiday at Home’ funding as this was not required after all, and proposed that this be returned to the Central Area Committee budget and this was agreed.

68.3.     Following the financial commitments of £3,680 arising from the approved funding requests and the return of £441 to the budget from the New Wolsey Theatre project and the Holiday at Home project, the Central Area Committee now had a budget of £23,651 available.



(i)           that the financial statement of the Central Area Committee in Appendix 1 to the report be noted;

Reason: To provide an audit trail of funding that has been spent from the Central Area Committee budget


(ii)          that the residue of funding of £309 previously allocated to the Christ Church ‘Holiday at Home’ project (report reference CAC/14/03) be returned to the Central Area Committee budget;

Reason: Alternative transport had been provided resulting in a reduction of costs to deliver this project


(iii)         that the Community Dashboard for Central Ipswich in Appendix 2 to the report be noted.

Reason: To provide an indicative measure of how services and priorities are being delivered in Central Ipswich