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Garage Demolition and Replacement Project

Meeting: 11/06/2019 - Executive (Item 12)

12 E/19/07 Housing Garage Demolition and Replacement with new Garages and/or Hard-Surface Parking Tender pdf icon PDF 106 KB

Portfolio Holder – Councillor Neil MacDonald


This report details the work that has been carried out to procure a garage demolition and replacement with new garages and/or hard-surface parking contract for housing garage sites and sets out the results of the tenders received.


Executive are asked to award the contract to the contractor that submitted the most economically advantageous bid to the Council.


12.1      Councillor MacDonald explained that this tender represented the final phase of an extensive garage replacement and refurbishment programme.




that the Head of Housing and Community Services, in consultation with the Head of People and Governance, be authorised to enter into a contract with the contractor identified as Contractor 3 in the exempt Appendix 1 to the report, for delivery of the garage demolition and replacement contract.


Reason: The preferred contractor’s tender was overall the most economically advantageous to the Council in accordance with the criteria set out in the tender documents.