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Overview & Scrutiny Reviews

Overview and Scrutiny Reviews involve investigating issues that relate to either an internal or external concern.

The reviews:

1) Examine issues in detail
2) Challenge the way things are done;
3) Recommend ideas to improve or change Council services or policies.

Topics are selected by Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee and can be suggested by councillors, officers, external organisations, and local residents. Topics are judged against a criteria check-list in order to prioritise all reviews.

Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee can choose whether to investigate a topic itself or appoint a Task & Finish Group to look into it. In both cases external expertise can be requested to help in a review.

A Review will involve councillors receiving various forms of evidence from sources such as officers, expert witnesses, community groups and members of the public.

Once the investigation is complete, conclusions are drawn together and a report is produced outlining the Review and recommending improvements and suggestions to the service or policy.