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Ordinary Petitions

An Ordinary Petition must be signed by at least 10 people. This can include the Lead Petitioner.

When an Ordinary Petition is received the following steps are taken:

1. Within five working days of reciept, the Petitions Officer will acknowledge receipt to the Lead Petitioner. This will let them know what the Council plans to do with the petition and when they can expect to hear from the Council again.

2. When a petition is received that relates to a local matter (particularly affecting specific electoral wards), the Petitions Officer will send a copy of the petition to each relevant Ward Councillor.

3. Depending on the nature of the Ordinary Petition, the relevant Portfolio Holder will decide whether to determine the matter or to refer the matter for investigation and report back, or to refer it to a meeting of the Council, Executive or a Committee of the Council for determination.

4. When the petition is not referred, the Portfolio Holder will meet with the Lead Petitioner to discuss the issues and will inform the Petitions officer of his/her response. Within five working days of consideration of the petition by the relevant Portfolio Holder, the Petitions Officer will notify the Lead Petitioner of the Portfolio Holder's decision and advise him/her that if he/she is not satisfied with that decision, he/she may require the matter to be reported to the next convenient meeting of the Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Committee for review.

5. Unless the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Lead Petitioner, the Petitions Officer will, within 10 working days of reciept of the petition, provide a substantive response to the Lead Petitioner setting out to whom the petition will be reported to for consderation, when and where that will take place and inviting the Lead Petitioner to attend and address the meeting for up to three minutes on the issue covered by the petition. The invitation to the Lead Petitioner to address the meeting is in addi